Clogged toilet at work

I went number 2 in the private bathroom at work and clogged it with toilet paper. Fortunately there was a plunger and a water sewer. I was so embarrassed my job was gonna be in jeopardy. I cleaned the bathroom and such and left. Now I feel more aware I should flush more frequently or use the public bathrooms to p*** because they have more suction in the flush.

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  • Or you could work on not using so much toilet paper. Two or three squares to a wipe, then fold and reuse. Should take less than a dozen wipes to come clean. That means wiping can be done with 12-18 squares. Most of the people I know who clog toilets use gobs of toilet paper because they have never been poor enough to ration it. The people who lived through the depression knew the value of toilet paper.

  • Details. details.

    But I know how you feel. Once I ended up blocking one at work. No plunger or brush. Toilet bowl full the brim with water. I put the seat down, closed the ddoor and went to the shops and bought a brush and a plunger and snuch back in. Felt totally embarassed. But actually had not done anything wrong.

    You have my sympathy.

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