Fingers. It has peeled the skin off of a naked woman's body. Cooking the flesh of a transgender woman. Five. Euclidian morsels override tusked thorns. Two. Nine. Studies have shown that the majority of Ohioans support the legalization of cannibalism by an overwhelming margin. Coming into question the necessity of the electoral system to regulate nepotism. Bodily fluids soon to replace drinkable liquids. Eleven. He is decayed. The puppets of menstruation on TV teaching our children false morals. Anachronistic zoanthropy. Forty-six. No shortage of impermanent despondence.



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  • I notice you don't name those studies, tell us who wrote them, or in what respected journals they were published. Nor do you indicate whether these studies were based on funded research.

    As for the Ohio electorate, I suspect that far more people refuse to vote at all than support cannibalism.

  • All that and you still can't put together one coherent sentence.

  • Wtf..psycho loser should be locked up

  • Makes sense. NOT.

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