Jealous Jealous Jealous!

I don't understand why some people get to meet their favorite celebrities and some of us don't. At my favorite singer's website, someone posted an article about her delivering toys to a children's home somewhere in south America. Although all the other people thought it was a nice thing, I was getting more enraged and jealous with each picture I saw of her with the children. I mean, these kids probably don't know how famous she is, and yet they get to meet her and get gifts from her! SO NOT FAIR! I'm one of, if not her BIGGEST fan. I'm a kid too! Well, I'm 14 .... and I'd love to spend the day with her as well. I don't get why she has to treat children she does not even know, and who don't know her, like they are her surrogate sons and daughters. There are MANY of us true fans who'd love to be her pretend daughter for a day. Heck, there are many times I have even pretended that she was my mother. I even take her picture with me on trips and tell people don't know that she is my mom! Thank goodness many people don't know who she is.

I just don't understand what I have done to deserve this hurt. I can't even look at her pictures with children anymore. The fact she cares and loves these children over her own fans is hurtful. I have always dreamed of meeting her, to inspire her. That she'd meet me and be enchanted by me. After all it's my dream to be a singer like her! I would sing for her and she take me under her wing and be my teacher.

But now I don't see that happening. Not with such other children in the picture. Why couldn't I be an orphan like them? Then at least I'd have some chance of being her daughter.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You literally have a lot of growing up to do. It takes a while, but you'll realize that all of these glamorous people are just ordinary, like you or I. You'll understand if someone you know grows up to be famous. But no matter what, eventually you'll understand that no one ever grows up and all adults are as childish and petty as you are now, just they tend to recognize when they're being ridiculous more than children. Well, not all the time...

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