Needing You

You told me that you loved me, said that you had for years. I was scared because I didn't think I loved you back, but you are everything I've ever wanted in another person. You dumped me a few months later without explanation, and then slipped into depression. We became friends again and you told me you regretted us breaking up, but neither of us were ready for it again.

Now I know that I'm in love with you. Everything about you is amazing. I want to kiss you every time we speak, and I know that you do too. I'm sorry if I wasn't the best boyfriend, but I know I can be. We belong together and we both know it, so let's stop pretending.

I know that you like him a lot, and I am happy that you've found someone. But I miss our relationship so much that I'm willing to sacrifice everything.

I'm going to tell you that I love you soon, because I believe that we were meant for each other. I'm not going to ask you to break up with him right now, but I know that someday we will be together no matter what, just wait and see.

Now I'm going to go and date another woman until you come to your senses, but I will tell you first. We'll see what happens, but I'm sure I already know the answer...

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  • this is way too long

  • I was in a similar situation. Except they thought I had a boyfriend. He never said he was or he wasn't. If I was you I would give it a try soon before you lose her to someone else.

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