So what should I do?

I'm in love with my best friend. She's, well a girl and so am I. I dunno if I'm gay or bisexual or straight. All I know is that one can't choose who they fall in love with and I've fallen for my best friend. She's, for me, perfect. I've known her for 7 years but only for the last few years I realised that i was falling for her. I tried my hardest to stay away from her and not to fall for her, but, obviously, I failed. She is just like me, neither gay, straight nor bisexual. She's open minded about it. But so far she dated a guy, they broke up once, got back together and now are broken up for good. It was when they first dated when I realised how jealous I was and I finally realised how I felt about her. I've hinted to her that I'm in love with girl, didn't disclose that it was her, yet she was fine about it. Now what I don't know is, should I tell her how I feel about her or not? Her friendship is extremely important to me but not telling her how I feel is also killing me inside. What should I do??



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  • when your young we sometimes experiene all kinds of love, after that you will find out that your one or the other. it is just growing up.

  • omg troll

  • yes agreed with the first poster. You have a few options here though, you can tell her out straight or you could bottle up your feelings. Either way it will come out eventually, would you rather have her as a friend or as nothing at all? If you tell her, and If she is as good of a friend as you say she is, and she doesnt feel the same it will still be ok. Honestly i went through the same thing. Hope it goes well for you

  • You have to let her know, somehow. Be smart about it, but you have to. Trust me. I'm hiding my love for someone right now and it's killing me, so I'm going to tell him soon. Tell her.

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