Very embarrassed

I tried setting up a bbc 3some for wife and she blow up

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  • You just can't push a wife into this scenario. you have to give her plenty of opportunities and, desire to explore her sexuality. if she has a great body, tell her to buy some sexy attire. go with her. if she says, can you see my butt, say NO! if she wears a sheer blouse or top with no bra, and asks can you see my t***, say NO! maybe a new look nails hair and makeup will get her noticed. travel way from the Home, another Town, hot spot Hotel Lounge, have a few rounds, get her relaxed feeling sexy confident. Make sure its a place where's there's music so she'll want to dance. At some point excuse yourself, I'll be back honey, I left the oven on, or the car running, whatever, and see how long it'll be before some guy hits on her, asking her to dance, maybe offer her a drink. Let her flirt. Slowly allow her to want to give in to those desires. Have fun too, and enjoy the show and experiences she'll provide. X

  • So what happened?

  • As sexy as the idea is, it's just not everybody's cup of tea.

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