Wife interested in BBC

My wife is interested in a BBC. But is unsure of trying it. Anybody have any input on that subject

Apr 22, 2017

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  • Dump her ass

  • If your wife is serious about doing it then she is going to have s** with black men with or without your permission.The big question is how do you feel about that?? If she wants to and you dont then you need to talk to her about it and be upfront and go from there .She has told you because she wants your permission,,you can say no and if she does it anyway ,she wont tell you until that really bad fight or you catch her.If you two talk about it and you are ok with it then agree on certain rules and stick to them. If she has your permission she wont have to hide it and sneak around , it isnt cheating and is ok if she tells you before hand . This is as far as I can take you on this journy because it can go in any one of several directions from there.Are you going to want to watch ?? then there is the licking and sucking of her and possibly the man who just f***** your wife,,If you agree on that you are going to be prepared to do it when the time comes.BUT you kind of need to tell yourself that you are going to lick another mans c** out of your wifes p**** and ass AS well as lick and suck another mans c***,,that way if it does happen you are ready to do it and wont be all freaked out and try resisting. Trust me when your wife and her big black boyfriend tell you that you are going to suck his c*** and swallow loads of his c**,,you might say NO and be ready to fight but trust me,,YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE. Eventually you will submit and obediantly take his big hard c*** in your mouth ,,OH and ass eventually so you might as well make it easier on your self and just do it when you are told your pride will be hurt but that is a lot easier to get over than broken bones. He wont respect you either way but you wont get beat if you agree to do what ever you are told to immediatly.

  • Incent

  • Invece la mia moglie di 32 anni ha come fantasia quella di farsi baciare da un giovane asiatico e sentire la sua crema. Per il momento non abbiamo trovato ma sarei curioso guardarla.

  • My wife and I have an ENM marriage and a few years back she de died it would be fun to try BBC. We were very picky and found a great guy. He was perfect and we had a really hot experience. Now we play with BBC on a regular basis.

    If you are open or swingers then I say go for it.

  • Leave it alone. don't be stupid

  • Yes her is great advise don't allow your wife become a BBC w****

  • Yes i have great advise, don't let your wife become a BBC whire

  • We did it wife enjoyed wry much so did I best s** ever enjoyed wife getting satisfied for 3 hours with 10 inches

  • Now she can say she is a worthless bbc w****

  • We tried it and it was great. My gal had great s** for over an hour while I watched. It was new and exciting, she wants to do it again.

  • I've done it with up to three black men and it was wonderful!!

  • Let her do it. Mine f**** bbc too. Trying to get pregnant now

  • I have been cuckolded for about 4 years now. It all started with her going and getting f***** by an ex at my urging. Then she wanted another for a 3some with me. It evolved into me asking for her to be with a BBC. Now a few years later she has been f***** by over 50 black men probably 250+ times. I haven’t been allowed to f*** her ass in 4 years or her p**** in over a year. She says she only wants black c*** in her now. I still get to j*** off but she is talking about putting me in a chastity device.

  • Your a loser. You don't get to f*** your wife, the woman you provide for? You allow her to get tucked

  • I know my wife won't let me f*** her but only bbc

  • If you have consented to the fetish lifestyle then I'm happy for you both! If not then maybe have a talk.

  • Does she let you eat her out. I hope she does.

  • Tell to F off. She is one sick woman

  • I have watched few cuckold vids. I am not married anymore, but wud have tried a BBC to f*** my wife, whilst watching and wanking. That wud be very satisfying. Watching white wives f***** by black bulls, amazing, get my c*** always busting hard

  • That is pretty s*****

  • I would let her get some BBC then suck all of the p**** juice off of his c***, let him cream pie her then suck all of his c** out of her p**** while he f**** my ass

  • I am shocked so many men without any self respect. Weak men

  • Agree.

  • Self respect? I'm shocked so many still believe in outdated sexual taboos created by the church.

  • Lol keep rationalizing letting men f*** your wife while you watch in the corned. She doesn't respect you. Your a beta male provider who clearly is bi sexual.

  • Take your wife out for dinner everyday for about a week for subway sandwiches with extra everything on it. Have her take the biggest widest bites of those subway sandwiches. Then, watch wild kingdom shows showing a python swallowing an antelope. Then, watch sumo wrestling with her, so she will no the proper way to squat up and down on a big ole thick meat pole. That oughta help get prepared for some STOVE TOP STUFFIN'.

  • It was my fantasy that my wife agreed to make happen a few years ago. The experience was better than we had imagined. It's something we have added to out marriage. She is allowed to play with the biggest meat ever and I get the most amazing show. Win win

  • I am shocked so many men p*** their wife's out just for a cheap thrill. I am shocked so many married women allow their husbands to turn them into Ho's

  • Sadly most women don't need to be turned. Why? Because it benefits them go get railed hard by whoever while the hubby sits in the corner in chastity belt while paying the bills. F****** losers.

  • Most fast stags do

  • I love black c***, my husband is OK with it, he has an erectile issue and encouraged me to f*** other men. I was reluctant at first but now love it.

  • Then why stay married to a man with such issues. You willingly commit Adultery

  • Amen girl love for that

  • Mine just likes young hung c***,tried BBC once but said she prefers white lads that are muscly and virile

  • If she has flat out said she wants BBC and you are ok with it, let her have a go.

  • This is so sad to see so many depraved women and husbands

  • What’s depraved about enjoying a big long black thick c*** while your most intimate loving husband watches and enjoys your pleasure you’re receiving?

  • Depraved is paying the bills and letting another man f*** your wife while you sit in the corner like a loser. No self respect. The black men do it for racial gratification. They bang your white wife while you sit in corner and suck his c** out of your wife's p****. Sick ppl.

  • You’re reading a bunch of BS from trolls. Don’t take the bait.

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