My moms friend..... moms friend comes over to visit about one time a week.........i get super aroused every time she come to our house.....and i want to get with her...........i fantasize about her every day even when she dont come to see my momm i still m********* to thinking about her............ dammit i mean DAMMIT to f*** and to all god and h***.......i have fell totally in love with her and i want it just to be me and her.....but she dont even know how i feel being in love with girl my age or another age make me feel this way......its really love and i want her husband out the way.......brenda i love you...............i totally love you i do.....i always have and i always will............../......


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  • First, no..It's not love. It's h**** infatuation.

    Years ago, I had a similar (but, from what it sounds like, not to your degree) thing for my hot older sister's friend, Denise. Tall, fit-bodied, tanned, and just so pretty and sexy, I couldn't wait to see her whenever she visited. And, yeah..I ended up in my bedroom, pleasuring myself to her more often than not.

    Few years ago, I'm at a chain restaurant bar, and, met a new employee. Very hot, cute blonde. We're chatting, and I find out she's not only from the same town as me, but, knew my older sister. Turns out, her aunt is..Denise. I fessed up, you know I had a huge thing for your aunt years ago, and, the girl told me she remembered her aunt and my sister talking one day and mentioning "my brother had the biggest crush" on Denise, who said she knew, and indulged it because she loved the attention.

  • ....i really hope Brenda don't know.......i mean i do hope she finds out m feelings if she feels the same and then we can connect......that would be too beautiful for me.........there is so muc h love in mefor her and i want her to feel it......thx

  • Stop masturbating.

    You don't know the meaning of h**** until you go two, three, four months or more without masturbating. It'll make you so incredibly h**** that you'll HAVE to move on her. She'll be swept away by your passion and have wild, passionate s**. Moreover, when she sees how much you come, she'll realize you are so much more virile than her husband. She'll dump him for you right away and she'll be yours.

  •!!.........that would be so perfect to have happen in our lives between us!!!! i would love it if she could see me c** and to know that it was all for her every spray and every drop!!!!! and then to have her decide her husband wasn't enough man for her anymore.........and then be with me!! jesus just the idea of that happening gets me f****** harder then ever!!!! omg thx!

  • You’re welcome. But remember – NO [and I mean absolutely NO] masturbating. After four, five or six months without an e**********, you’ll be a hair’s breadth from exploding ALL THE TIME.

    Even then, DO NOT M*********!

    You want to be WAAAAAY past aching testis!

    When you’re where a couple of normal steps can make you explode just from the pants' fabric sliding over your Johnson, you’re nearly there.

    When Brenda is over, off with the undershorts. Get in her space. Start fantasizing. When you’re at the edge, get in her direct line of sight so she can see it happen. Keep building. Don’t touch yourself or move. Feel it build to a massive, climax that goes on and on, making you bray and bray and bray and bray and bray all the world like a donkey. You want a slow-burner, one that gradually overwhelms you and MAKES you surrender to it, and leaves you devastated and your crotch and legs soaked in your life’s juices.

    Whether you confess your love is up to you. But DO explain that when a man goes long enough without, this physiological response presents itself. Say that it's involuntary, and that you refuse to apology for being a man. If Brenda reacts badly, scolds or jokes about the mess you just made, you can reply ... 'or, perhaps this is the highest compliment a man can pay a woman he much desires ... perhaps such compliments might be received graciously...'

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