I'm too chicken

I think of a day when I get in a fight. I'm afraid I'll break a bone or something, I'm kinda sensitive n emotional, kinda nerdy. I try to be a man but I'm afraid, for e.g I drive, but I'm afraid I'd hit someone and people would beat me. I like a girl but I cant tell her to her face. I have a great family but I think of a day when they need my muscle strength but I would chicken out?? I'm 18 by the way, and Im male.

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  • You're young and thinking too much into situations. Very few situations actually require a physical response. I'm like you actually. I was actually probably much more chicken and a really pathetic wimp when I was a kid. That's what got me picked on and made an easy target. I wish I stood up to those bullies then instead of running and hiding like a coward. I wish I didn't disgrace myself and my family by being such a coward. That was so long ago. I still haven't gotten over it. what it taught me though is that I have to stand up for myself. You do too. You're the only person who can stop you from being "chicken". If you like a girl you have to tell her. There is no can't. Turn your can't into CAN. If you don't you'll be sure to regret it.

  • Thx. I'll try...

  • Sounds like its all about confidence so try building some by working out and taking some self defense classes. Will you be a total badass? probably not but you'll feel better about yourself and more confident in knowing what to expect in a fight. Also girls tend to respond to guys who work out and are confident in themselves.

  • i've been there in two situations (the girl and fight) essentially i just stayed out of conflict and found something to focus on other than girls (or i would talk to a girl (rather since i had bottom locker every year i'd talk to her feet) got to know her asked her out got shot down she called me her friend gave me a hug turned around a kissed her (seemingly) recently acquired beau (as in saw him in a locker and said "i'll do him") and left end of story...)

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