Ladies what are the characteistics ..?

Ladies what are the characteristics about a guy that makes you want to f*** him? besides the bulge in his pants .. or what have you heard a guy say or tell you that triggers off the yes he can f*** me reaction?

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  • Well firstly, every female is different.

    I personally don't ever think I want a f*** a guy, for x,y,z reasons. But, as a female I could tell you numerous reasons I'd want to make love to a woman, I'm drawn to.

    It depends on the chemistry between us and the woman's personality, sense of humour, compassion, empathy, loving, caring, loyalty and so forth. The way the woman; speaks, walks and demeanor is appealing.

  • Intellect, humour, empathetic nature, loving, romantic, loyalty, honesty and being virile x

  • It is all chemistry. The guy I am seeing now is short, multi-racial, and kind of a drifter but he just does it for me. He has a really nice body for an older man, he is fit. He has these eyes that I could drown in. Plus he has an incredibly sexy accent and he makes this noise, like a low rumble when he is happy. Kind of like a cat purring. He has the most amazing hair. I'm used to dating only white guys but he has this huge white afro that he puts in different styles or wears a Jamaican style hat over it.
    The last guy I was dating (we only went on 2 dates) was nice but he was obese, couldn't walk more than a few hundred feet without getting out of breath. He was probably a really sweet guy but I just wasn't attracted to him.
    The bulge in the pants does nothing for me, it is just something else that I can't really explain.

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