My mother in laws body

On thanksgiving we had some family over, My wife's mom was there, She has been divorced for just over 20 years, She is 51 years old and a nice looking, Kind of a professional/Classy type, Always dresses well and conservatively, I have never seen more than a little bit of cleavage or some leg, But...That night my wife who is a bit of an instigator when it comes to drinking started mixing up some pretty strong drinks, I had a few and am a much heavier drinker than her mom, By the end of the night, Around 12:30 or so pretty much everyone was "feeling no pain".
My wifes mom was planning on staying with us anyway but while saying our goodbyes my wife noticed her mom wasn't around, After everyone had left she said "Can you see if my mom is in her room", My wife stumbled off to the bathroom and I went downstairs, I knocked on the spare room door, There was no answer so I opened the door a bit and poked my head in, My mother in law hadn't made it under the covers, She was laying back on the bed, Not a stitch of clothes on and her feet on the floor with her skirt and a pair of blue panties around her ankles, She had her nightgown laid out on the dresser but apparently didn't make it that far, The light was still and I couldn't not look.
I walked up to my mother in law, She has great b****, Quite a bit bigger than my wife, 34D according to her bra, Big, soft and kind of hung to the sides, Big bumpy areolae not quite as big as a pop can and pretty big pink nipples about as big around as a pencil eraser but not as long, She has a bit of a bushy p**** but it is trimmed and shaved in a nice V with no big ugly lips hanging out, Just pink, puffy lips that looked super soft, Great legs, And a flat stomach, I lifted her feet, Took off her shoes and slipped off her skirt and panties, I gently started to roll her onto the bed and she took a deep breath and rolled onto her stomach, She pulled her left knee up and went back to sleep, I got a blanket out of the closet and stopped staring at her p**** and bum hole from behind, I covered her up and went to bed.
I cant believe she is so hot naked and I hope my wife looks half that good when she is her moms age.

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  • You should've licked her

  • Go ahead!!

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