My obsession

I am a 34 year old female and i have a huge sexual urge for old men. Im talking 60 and over. I want to meet a old man and have him eat my kitty with his rough old mouth. I always picture him with a beard a little belly and this fat c***. Cuz if he eats me that good ill thank him. If i ever get the chance i am going to do it. My confession is that i want to have mind blowing s** with an old man. I cant help it. Turns me on. I feel dumb for saying this but i need to fufill my fantasy. I also would love a old truck driver. Have him f*** me and eat me. Ugh what do i do to get past this.

Nov 11, 2016

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  • Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • I am 57. Recently I chatted up a girl/lady and we just 'clicked'. We ended up getting a hotel room. I pulled her shorts down as I pushed her back on the bad. She assured me it would only be 'oral' s**.

    It wasn't long before she was pulling me up ontop of her. We had some very aggressive...very good s**.

    She said she didn't expect it to go that far and was surprised at how well the oral was and that she just couldn't help herself. It was a major ego boost for me. She was 24......

  • If that is what you want to do< I am sure many men would like to lick you..

  • I'm 61 with a fat 8in c***, I'd love to f*** you

  • Nice try pervert however some of us know better which enables us to read between the lines here. Look, for starters, your account reads no different than a young man in his teens with his libido in high gear. Same m.o. It has all the earmarks of a frustrated person that can't obtain sexual relations for any number of reasons. Although due to it being stated from a female perspective, you know it will attract the responses from Men ; making your pleas little more than ludicrous, childish bait. Then you can sit back & read responses to your depraved begging, which for sick, foolish reasons aids your self esteem. It's old, tired fodder however. Perverted broads have played this demented, psychological game in written form for decades in a effort to make them feel better about themselves. You are most likely defective in too many ways to list here, have a deviant fetish for older men & have no resources for counseling. Furthermore, you've most likely, unsuccessfully tried to bait your father into mating with you. Again, same m.o. You sick broads belong in jail however there are countlessly too many to house.

  • F*** you troll

  • I'd love to accommodate you.

  • Your obviously such a wonderful caring person I really think there should be a lot more females like you on this earth darling, I really love you sweetheart and would like to give you some of my vast sexual experience, I think you would be a great looker with a fantastic body and personality xx

  • I'm going to save this post and hit you up in 5 years when I turn 60.

  • Do it sounds like fun for all

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