Not sure what to think . . .

I was with my wife and her office friends at a bar last night. We were seated at two high-top tables and it was busy and our waitress couldn't make it around often, so I walked up to the bar to order our drinks from the bartender directly. While I was waiting to order, this very very young gay guy who works with them came up and stood next to me, ostensibly to help me schlep the drinks back to the table. Almost immediately, we got crushed together by the crowd. Or so I thought. Right away, he started rubbing his crotch against the side of my leg, and then started slowly humping me. No one could see what was going on, but I was shocked and a little offended, though that only lasted a few seconds. Then it started to feel good. Real good. I could tell his c*** was thick and long and hard. And I could tell the f****** thing was hot. Real hot. Even through his pants, it felt like it was 30-40 degrees hotter than his body. After making sure no one could see, I reached down and cupped my hand over his crotch and started massaging him through his fly. He asked me not to stop and so I kept it up until he came in his pants. It only took about 30 seconds at the very most. And then we moved up to the bar and got our drinks. As we started back to the table he thanked me and told me I was "good at that", and that he wanted more. I began explaining that my wife is one of his bosses, but he stopped me and said "I don't care about her, I only care about you and me . . . naked and alone in my bed." We exchanged eye contact for the rest of the evening, and each time I felt like I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet: the boy is exciting and wildly oversexed. Nothing happened that night, but I don't know what it means to do what I did to him, or what it means that every time I've thought of him, last night or all day today, I've gotten a raging hardon. I've never been with a man, and I've never thought of myself as having homosexual tendencies, but dear God, this f****** kid has me aroused.

Nov 11, 2016

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  • Should have gone for it you love it I do x

  • Once he sticks his d*** up your ass, you won't be worried or unsure any more. Enjoy the meat. Enjoy the love.

  • Go for it, i had the same experience with a young guy and we end up f****** each other,so far my wife does not know about it but i just love the feel of his c*** up my a*** as he f***'s me

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