Sitting on her huge belly

My chubby aunty who is 35 years old had a big beautiful belly with folds. I used to look at them when her saree moves. One day she caught me up and asked "why are you staring at my belly"?? I got nervous and speechless. Again next day the same thing happend. She got angry and asked me what was my problem? So nervously i said i want to see them ,she laughed loud and told "i will show you when no one is here". After many days one sunday no one was there at home and i asked her again.this time she didnot refuse and took me to her room and moved her saree oh my god they were so big and pluffy and i was eager to grab and sit on them,so i asked her "can i sit on your belly"? She was shocked and refused then she stopped talking to me. After 2months she came to me and asked for a help. I did it with pleasure.she was so happy and asked me to close my eyes, i thought of some chocolates or t shirt or anything she would buy for me. Suddely she told to open my eyes, i was shocked that she removed her saree and was lying on bed and told me " come on its all yours".i removed my lungi with happiness and jumped to bed. After watching her huge belly for a while i grabbed and squeezed them. i was on my knees .slowly i sat on her belly started straddling her. Her belly was soo big that my knees were partially touching the bed.ohhhh she mourned with happiness. It was soo soft and pluffy and then i started to ride and bounce with full weight...she farted very was her first experience and she loved it....and it still continues....

Nov 16, 2016

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  • Wow me too

  • What the f*** is belly sitting

  • Actually u dont knw?

  • Any women from kerala who enjoys belly sitting contact me on

  • Yes I like please contact me any Indian women for this

  • Very good story I have same fetish

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