Want my wife to cheat

The s** is great with my wife and she is so hot. Works out daily. Very loyal.
I love to spoil her and pamper her. She knows I am obsessed with her . 50 plus and beautiful.
She loves to be bad. Take pics etc. I have told her she can play with other men but she won't. I know deep inside she would love to try but she won't. If she would enjoy it I would be ok. Why wouldn't she?

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  • Right on!!! Maybe she'll try another guy, like his s** WAY MORE than s** with you, then finally fall in love with the dude & dump your ass!! Cool!!!
    Let us all know how the divorce goes! Her boss can do things for her (advancement in the corporate world, etc) that you can't provide her.. You're obviously trying to push her to other men so you can feel ok about f****** other women...

  • I'm 60 with an 8in fat c***, I would love to f*** her

  • She actually has someone in mind

  • Yes I have. She has said no but I think lately she is thinking about it . Just scared. Her boss has the hots for her and is always around her. She loves the attention and will talk freely about it to me. I feel deep down she gets turned on by it .

  • Have you asked her? If so, what does she say?

  • Do you know that I'm her boss and I've f ucked her already?

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