My first sorta lesbian experience

Okay so here goes. I am a white American woman married to an Indian man. We live in California. So, as many of you might know, Indian women wear a traditional outfit called the saree at special occasions. I, being a white girl, obviously didn't have much idea about how to wear one. So, on one such occasion I had invited one of my husband's friend's wife to help me out. She was an Indian lady who, I was told, was an expert at wearing traditional clothes. So, during our saree wearing session, she had knelt down in front of me and was helping me tuck in my saree at my waist. Her face was directly in front my belly. Suddenly I tried to move a bit but tripped and fell on her with my belly smothering her face. I felt her lips touch my belly as if she were kissing me. I apologized and quickly got up, but she pulled my waist and pushed her face into my belly with her nose inside my belly button. I could feel her sniffing hard and since she had a cold, I could also feel my belly button getting wet from her nose discharges. I tried to move her away but she was pretty huge and I was petite, I couldn't do anything much. And it kinda felt nice too. After sniffing pretty hard, she pulled out her face and started licking all around my belly. She even cleaned out my belly button with her tongue. She ended with a couple of deep kisses and said that she couldn't control herself after seeing my belly. That was my first sorta lesbian experience. But it did open me up to trying new things, which was helpful for my s** life with my husband.

Jan 25, 2017

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  • Just because a person is Indian doesn't mean, they belong to any religious doctrine. The dress code of traditional wear I believe isn't religious, anymore than it is cultural.

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