Help me..

My stepdad always cheats on my mother, and me and a thousand other family members told her to leave him. But, my mother, being the good person she is gave this man chance after chance. Well, today they got in to a big fight. My mother threw a few things (they were hers) And the police ended up getting called. My stepdad lied to the police, saying my mother hit him. Now my mom could get domestic assault 2nd degree. She never put her hands on him, he almost broke her jaw months before. I'm crying because if she goes to jail, me and my brother would have to go live with my real dad, who doesn't love us.

Nov 26, 2016

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  • In such a poor situation Kthe only way is to ask your mother to leave this beast n get a new man This way not only U but the whole family will be happy

  • My heart goes out to you and I would really like to help you in whatever way I can. Therefore, I hereby offer you my help and support. If you're interested then just write your email as a reply to this comment and I'll contact you.
    I'll keep a lookout here for your reply for about ten more days before I'll take it you don't read these comments and move on.
    Regardless of whether you choose to accept the help I'm offering or not, I wish you all the luck in the world sweetie!

  • How nice of you!

  • This is so sad! I hope you and your family can get through this.

  • So so so so sorry to hear this and i hope things work out for your mom and your siblings. i agree with the suggestion to get a lawyer and try to make the authorities understand that your mother did nothing to him and that you can testify to what actually happened. the one incident isn't all that will be considered, so make sure you get your perspectives to them. i will pray for you and your bother.

  • There are law companies who support domestic violence against women.

  • Can I suggest go get a lawyer. For you. On the few occasions that I have been on the edge of legal stuff, it's the people with lawyers who come out best.

  • Oh sweetie I'm so sorry! DYS may get involved - if they do, tell them this, although, if you go to a state home, they probably won't love you either. You have to think of the lesser of two evils, you can also testify for your mom and exhonerate her. Praying for you little lamb

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