My wifes little sister

Last weekend my wifes younger sister came out for the night with me and my wife, She is a pretty girl with a nice body but I have honestly never fantasized about her probably because I have known her since she was 13 but she showed up, Showered and got changed, When she came out I almost had a heart attack.
She came out of the spare room in a short skirt and thigh high leggings on her long, beautiful legs, A low cut top showing her freckly, ample cleavage, My wife looked at me as soon as she noticed her sister, I swallowed hard right at the wrong time and my wife kicked my foot, I couldn't take my eyes off her all night and when we got home I had s** with my wife, I am sad to admit I only lasted a couple minutes and thought about her sister the whole time and my wife rolled over after saying "Wonder why that sucked" and walked to the bathroom.
Thank god she hasn't brought it up since and I had a chance to redeem myself but I still think about her everytime I shower.

Nov 28, 2016

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  • Every wife should take note and go put on a short sexy outfit that attracts their husbands interest.

    Us guys are visual things.

  • I hate you, you should kill yourself.

  • Why, Because I thought a woman in her early 20's looked sexy, What the f*** is wrong with your head, Go kill yourself so people don't have to listen to your stupidity.

  • You are a waste of space on this planet.

  • Next time you have s** with your wife eat her out thoroughly. That way she'll o***** and if you can only last for a short while it will be ok.

    Your wife should talk to your sister in law and tell her not to dress so damn sexy when she is visiting your home.

    Incidentally you can take this anyway you want but the word divorce crossed your wifes mind when you ogled her little sister.

  • No, She is totally fine with it, She knows her sister looked sexy and she doesn't try to stop her sister from looking sexy, She knows nothing would ever happen and I would never cheat on her but looking is always allowed.

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