A girlfriend for my husband

I got cancer. I was sure that I would not be cured. My husband had a coworker, twenty plus year younger, but they got along well. I decided that it was best if they had a chance for a relationship. To me she was beautiful, she had such an erotic body, and her lips and eyes were my idea of sexual. One day I saw her and she had on a pair of black pants that rode up very tight between her legs. I just wanted my husband to f*** her, to f*** her and f*** her and f*** her until she was all his. I pushed him to see her, to move her up into a sexual relationship. When he finally f***** her I felt relieved. I went to talk to her, I told her that I was going to die and she had to be there to take over. That I knew he was f****** her and I wanted her to f*** him back and make sure that he wanted her more than anything.

But I didn't die and I am in remission. She is such a prize, he would never have move on her if it wasn't because I wanted him to. He told me that he always thought he would end up with a Corvette, and she is his Corvette.

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  • I was waiting for the regret but you don't seem to lean towards that. As long as there is room for you, I guess it's great all around.

  • Troll

  • This is an amazing expression of love. I'm glad to hear that you're in remission. It sounds like you find this other woman attractive too. Have you considered a three way? It's every man's dream.

  • There are many ways for 3 to be happy. This sounds like we need a big group hug.

    Happy to hear you are in remission.

  • Hard to know what to say. I think you are so beautiful to grant him this gift on the expectation that you wouldn't be able to care for him. Now here you are. I hope sincerely that in view of the extraordinary circumstances, you girls can make this admittedly unusual relationship work. And your husband? He should be a happy man. He has two truly class acts in his life ...

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