Two Worlds

You have a brain.
It is in one world.
You have a heart.
It is of another world.
These two worlds spin independently and never intersect.
You should reside in the world of your heart.
The heart world knows love.
The brain world only thinks it knows love .

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  • As a person matures, they are better able to integrate the two. As the quote goes: "Follow your heart, but bring your mind along."

    Don't worry, little padawan learner. You'll get there someday. Just ease off on the pretentiousness, you don't know much right now.

  • What about a person's soul

  • Shut up

  • If you feel living in your heart world i painful you are always welcome to walk away listening your brain world.
    I understand though the heart demands,make us feel helpless but we are always aware of every situation and circumstances..we have always adapted ourselves.Dont ever you must feel burden about us..Your peace and happiness mentally is all that count nothing else yes not even me trust me when I say this I do mean it..Yes I have accepted the fact that fuelling imagination we have come so far and apart from here there can't be any other world or tomorrow someday it will get over..but does stopping here means stopping love no...never..
    Stay strong and know whatever you are loved am sorry for pains but I feel it's better we call it burning in love n longing rather than pain.
    Love only..

  • You're right. My happiness lies in the heart world.

  • Oh so true, I wish I could

  • Heart world - poetic license risks sanity
    Brain world- restore sanity

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