God Times

I've been hanging out with God lately and we've been having a great time together. He's a mysterious guy but we get along great. I don't understand all of his actions but we both laugh at the lightning bolts that he randomly sends to earth just to frighten the sinners. The life threatening storms he creates and young lives he takes for no reason at all are sometimes questionable but overall he's a good guy. We're going bowling this weekend and I can't wait!

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  • Ohhh, SO busted! I saw "Dogma"-- God digs skee ball, preferably in New Jersey!

    Caught ya, ya lyin' shitknuckle! But God and I both forgive you. You can come play skee ball with us if you want!

  • I've also been hanging out with a goddess and she is disappointed in her creation, "Mankind" She's disappointed that "man" assumed the superior role over women! She's also disappointed, that "man" has ruined the world and mankind!

  • WTF?

  • I thought...and i came to the conclusion that the me was not even for it

  • If you hang out with god your hanging out with yourself. There is no god.

  • The satire is good.

    (non-sarcastic gold star)

  • I sarcastically liked your comment.

  • Koo. Koo

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