Why can't I find someone?

I'm a twenty-something straight guy. I'm pretty good looking, have great friends, and a great career. Everyone thinks I have my life together, and to all outward appearances I do. But when it comes to love, my confidence falls apart. I can go into an executive presentation and not feel a stitch of nervousness, but I've never been able to tell a girl how I feel about her because I'm so terrified of rejection. I want to change this part of myself, but I don't know how.

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  • There is nothing scarier then to open your heart and tell someone how you feel. But the truth is women are just as afraid. But the plus side, it can be really great. Everyone takes that chance. But hopefully, when you are ready to tell someone what you're thinking and feeling for them it's the right time. Because you know that person. You have been with them for a little while to trust them with your feelings. You just have to take a chance. Worse case scenario would be that your feelings are not reciprocated. And yes, that would be devastating, but sometimes that kind of thing is a blessing in disguise. Because, you would know that person is not right for you. How to change, I guess get out there and start dating and take chances. A girl is going to realize immediately what a catch you are. And when the time is right, you'll tell her how you feel. You know..not on the first date or anything..you don't want to scare her.

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