Driving thru embarrassment

I lost a bet over some award show results, so I had to run naked into a Krispy Kreme and go through some fast food drive thru's naked . It was super embarrassing! I've never set foot back at those places ever again, My friends had no mercy! Basically for the drive thru's I had to place an order and we'll go through the drive thru. I was red like a tomato the whole time. One place actually got my order wrong but I was going to let it slide. My friends didn't let me though so I had to get off and wait for them to give me the right order. It was all over one category! It was 8 of us, so I lost against 7. They all chose a place I had to hit naked. I got to cover up on the way to each place. So basically at Krispy Kreme I walked in, got a free donut then bought a dozen for my friends. I got a ton of angry looks from parents with kids, I got a few whistles, basically everybody was in shock to see a naked chick walking so casually. At the place that got my order wrong I had to wait about 15 minutes, the longest 15 minutes of my life! Never betting that again.



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  • So hey, fragile little girls who post crap like "Leave confessors aloooone, they're baring their souls and you're all just meeeeeeean"-- what do you think of horseshit like this? Still think this site only posts heartfelt confessions, or are your stupid eyes finally open to reality?

  • This is a fantasy. Walking around naked would not have netted you a doughnut.

  • I am pretty sure the police would have arrived in those 15 minutes, so I am pretty certain this is bullshiit. Also, most food establishments have a no shirt, no shoes - no service policy. You would be in violation is the Krispy Creme and you would have been asked to leave even if they didn't call the police.

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