Past times

When I was young I was a prostitute, I earned plenty of money for paying my way through university and am now a high school teacher and married to a successful business man.
While moving house he found my old diaries and as we settled into our new house, he raised the issue of prostitutes and how he used them before we met and how he still uses them to entertain clients and the cost involved. Then he said if you were my personal assistant it would save thousands of £.
I said how dare you suggest that, then he produced my diaries and now he is my p***

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  • I want to f*** you how much do you charge?

  • You can't afford me

  • £500 a night
    £150 an hour

  • You need to charge more. Are you a high class escort or just a standard one? I'm guessing you're the latter, with prices like that.

  • £10000 for 5 nights

  • How many have you f*****

  • Does it matter? The more a person's f***** doesn't mean, they're any better in bed, than those that have minimal experiences

  • No it does not matter, I have always been a good f***, that's why so many men are willing to pay me for s** and still come back for more

  • I'm the last month 20. The on session was three Japanese, we were at a hotel I wear a short business suit with no under wear and when I remove my jacket, my huge t*** are clearly visible as I serve them drinks, then went into the bedroom and stripped then they came in and spent an hour f****** me in every hole. They all had small c**** so a*** was enjoyable, they were big spunker so oral was great fun and there were 12 full condoms at the end of the session

  • That is so sad.

  • I feel you :-(

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