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So i am 14 and i get h**** so i was walking him from school with my bf and i am going to be home alone at this time because my mom and step dad is at work then they have to out of tone so i have the house to myself for 24 house so my bf text his mom and side i am going to my gf house she side ok so we got to my house so we played truth or dare so i pick dare he dare me to get nude so i did P.S we are both h**** at this time they i dare him to get nude then he dare me to get my vibrator out and start useing then i dare to have s** with me so he did and he whated to we had for 2 hour and why 2 hour because the 1 hour we got scard then we did it it feel so go to do it then we had in the school bathroom we try to us then i got a phane call from my mom they have to stay for 24 more house so my bf and i what back to my house we had to do it agene so before we what to my house we what to a s** toy store i do look 16 so and he do look 16 so we got lub and more toys so

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  • Ok i am 15 and u are 14 u do not need to have it at 14 i did not have s** when i am h**** i use something called a vibrator so u could are not use one

  • You need to learn to use autocorrect before you do the s**, sweetie. But yeah, nice story, I mean the parts we could comprehend. ;)

  • Learn how to type lmao half of this made no sense

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