Hoard hovel people do judge you by the piggery n mental illness.

All my family have had cancer and hospital and illness and we can't clean the house any more. I live in a house full of mess, my father is living in a room that can only be seens as a pig-pen. paper and rubbish and books all over the floor. I hate shopping, I want to save and do other fun things like meet people out and dine out and party and travel. I am sick of being at home with no friends because I live in a old messy house.

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  • Try to get your Dad to go to counseling and until then, make your space vibrantly clean and tolerable until you can afford to move out of there. Speak with your family about how your Dad's problem is bothering and also try to enlist the help of other family members who will help your Dad to clean up his act. Take care and hang in there as well as you can.

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