Why I shouldn't bet

This one took place years ago during the world cup, you guys saw that Brazil vs Germany game? That terrible score lol well I am a Brazil fan and prior to the game me and two of my friends went down to a pub by my place and I was like Brazil is going to win and some random guy was like nah Germany and we started going at it and before the game he was like fine lets make a bet I was h*** yeah. a little banter later and we decided on winners choice style, dignity on the line. Well my team lost like 10-1 I was like "f*ck" and well just my luck this guy actually owned the pub and as for my pay up, strip down to nothing and work until closing as a waitress in nothing but my smile. It was terrible lol I was so embarrassed and literally shaking, but I always pay up no matter how undignified so I walked to the first table took the order and brought them drinks. Eventually I lightened up kept a smile, laughed and joked around with the customers, end of the night I got dressed and went home, I still go there sometimes when i'm back home haha No hard feelings and cool place to chill.

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