My bestest way to put guys down

Any time I get the chance I insult boys' d****. I say something like "you just act that way because you have a small d***, lol" and cowabunga do they get mad. It is a weak spot girls can go after to put boys in their place. They are so sensitive about their thingy size that you can destroy them with one well aimed insult below the belt. Once I said to a guy that he was giving me attitude because his d*** was so teensy. He said oh yeah and pulled it out. It was big so I said, ew how ugly, and I got him with that one. He went away embarrassed and red-faced and beaten down. So girls if you need a good way to put a jerky guy in his place go for the p****. It is like a male jugular vein. You make a direct hit and his heart will bleed a river. I love it! And if you are some d****** guy reading this I'm sure your d*** is small too, lol.

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  • Nice. you know what gets girls everytime? Going at there integrity. Like the unclassy b**** who wrote this.

  • I'm a guy reading this amd yes my d*** is small. You called it! But I don't act like a d*** so you would have no reason to hit me below the belt. As a guy with a small d*** enjoy the small d*** insults becuse I'm a m********.

  • Whyyyy

  • You sound like nothing more than a spoiled little brat who lacks the ability and maturity to be able to interact with others on any sort of genuine level.

    In fact, the only thing small or teensy, ugly and acting like a d****** is YOU.

  • Yea! Nice one insult a man on the size of his d***. What if everyone went around saying your a w**** or u have small b****. Now if he truely deserved it then i withdraw my statement but if he cheated on u or hurt u in an unforgivable way i say good job cause it works but if he didnt f*** you so if anyone else says there hung like a horse then they took a pill for it and if u were born that way then you need to seek medical attention immediately its most likely a tumor

  • My d*** is same as Ur b****

  • You wish.

  • I got ex boyfriend good with this. When the j*** broke up with me I said that's ok you had a small d*** anyway. You should have seen the look on his face, lol. A direct hit! All is fair in love and war, lol.

  • That would not work with me. Not to brag but I am hung like a Jersey Bull. So I would laugh at you and call you a p**** envying b*****!


  • You go girl! Turn about is fair play. Jerky guys have always made fun of girls with flat chests. It's time to pay the piper b******! And I just now some of those teensy d*** a-holes are reading this right now. To them I say lol, lol, lol.

  • But.. I don't have anything with flat chests. I honestly think they can be cute when paired with a desirable personality, which you clearly don't have.

  • Suck it, Butt Boy!

  • Lol, I'm going to use this on some a****** guys I know. Thanks, lol.

  • The Lord rebuke you.

  • Wow arent you a little b****? The reason most girls dont do this is because its a f****** low thing to do. Guys cant help what size their thing is. Some poor guys go their whole lives being afraid to put themselves out there because they think they'll get laughed at. And what can they do about it? Pretty much nothing. So if you're gonna insult a guy, f****** do it with some dignity and actually be witty and observational and pick out something that he can actually improve on, because if anyone hears you using the small d*** insult they'll think you are a w****. =]

  • What did you say? but its t** for tat. guys say us girls are fat, our hair is bad, we look ugly, the size of our a**** look funny, our b**** are odd, all the damn time, so is it so bad for us to say the same thing to guys? i mean we cant really change any of those things and, really who would want to change them for some j*** as guy? you say anything about us getting some damn plastic surgery the same thing could go for you guys, got a problem with the d*** get p**** enlargment surgery, im pretty sure they have something out there like that now. and if you say thats painful well just think of the pain us women have had to suffer from the harsh and animal like comments of and we can compare the pain and be miserable together. :)

  • WOW! I guess YOURS must be a SERIOUS embarrassment, huh? LOL

  • W****.

  • S***!

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