I deleted all my old contacts and link to my old friend's blogs etc. Feels great. I hang onto people for too long when they are bad for me but now they are history. I will never allow them in again. What was I even thinking before?

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  • I bet harry has a secret daughter somewhere and I personally would love to see those royal women hit around for their man and see if they can fight it out like the rest of us! not being bad but just saying they don't know how hard it is for the average women to get a man and hold on to him without being bashed by very clever liar women who have helpers. I would love to see that happen. from top and bottom of those royal women. shake it up and turn it all around you do the hokey pokey and ... you know what next. that is what its all about ! some of us enjoy seeing hurt in others to know we aren't the only ones suffering loneliness and pain. I mean some of those royal men could be gay too. these women need to learn to fight for it and suffer for it and feel the pain other women do.

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