Sometimes I feel like I hate my toddler

There are a couple of bright moments but for the most part my 18-month-old cries, whines and tantrums for most of that day. I had an awful miscarriage before having her so I feel constant guilt that I should be enjoying this more but I am constantly walking on eggshells trying to avoid her having yet another crying fit. I wait until the last possible moment before picking her up from nursery and sometimes I dread the weekends because it means having to spend more time with her. People say it's just a phase but I feel terrible for wishing her life away...I'm so tired and drained. I just want the constant crying to stop.

Dec 13, 2016

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  • You may have Postnatal Depression. Seek support from loved ones and medical advice/help from a Healthcare professional. Don't leave these feelings to fester, as they may escalate if untreated and the effects may be irreparable.

  • What you are feeling is totally normal. Parenting is the one of the most self sacrificing jobs that you can have. No one is born an expert at it. I have three kids and I still just survive the crazy day sometimes. We all get a crash course in parenting with our first borns. You have been doing the best you can each day and I know you are giving your little one your heart. Just keep doing what you are doing, smile and pick her up and just know that each day will get better, you will become an even stronger mom and she will mature and grow into herself as well. Just keep living through each hard time and give her your best smiles that you can and soon you will be through this tough time and on to the next! ;)). You are showing her that Mom will be there no matter how cranky she is feeling and that gives her the solid base she needs. You are a good mom. And look up scary There are lots of moms out there that understand your days❤️

  • That's so sad and children can feel and sense when they are unwanted . change ur attitude before you end up doing something you will regret forever. Find one thing you love about her and concentrate on that.

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