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I'm a married mother of three and I have secretly been in a lesbian affair with my sons Karate teacher for the past year. Its been the best s** of my life and I have no plan on ending it.

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  • I want to thank everyone for all of your thouroughly uninformed opinions and insults. I was under the impression this was a place to simply make a confession, get things off your chest. Now I see that it's actually a place for people to come so they can feel morally superior. None of you know me or the entirety of my situation but here you are, stating moral certainties as if you do. Like my choice, don't like my choice, I don't care. I wasn't asking for advice. I was just doing what this place was made for. Making a confession. I don't need any of you to absolve or punish me.

  • There was no point in you getting married if you were just going to sleep around and was a waste of time and money if you were going to have an open relationship . And theres an issue of the examples you are setting for your kids that will undoubtedly will affect them as they get older .

  • I'm in a kinky girl girl affair with another mom from my kids play group. She is the dominany one and I am submissive. She forces me to do things like she comes over to my house and forces me to clean it and spanks me. It's hot but an emotional tug of war inside myself. I would never let my husband trat me like this. It's hot but also degrading at the same time. I love it and hate it. Yet I still come back and let her do it more.

  • You are an extremely selfish person, willing to destroy your entire family for sexual gratification. You have a husband and three children who will all be effected by you having an affair. The fact that its with another woman won't make it any less devastating for them.

  • Good for you!! Now, let your husband f*** someone else as well! You shouldn't be the only adulterer, having extramarital fun!!

  • I love how all these people are saying there is nothing wrong with it, no need to feel any guilt. You are having an affair! You are cheating on your husband,it doesn't matter that its with another woman its still cheating and it's wrong. If you are a lesbian stop living a lie, tell your husband ,get a divorce so you and he can move on and both be happy. Cheating is wrong ,no matter why, or with whom its just wrong and someone always gets crushed.

  • There are numerous relationship dynamics in our contemporary society. If she was in an open relationship with her husband, it would've been ok. However, it isn't and I agree with you, she should tell her husband.

  • Nothing at all wrong with that and I am a married man. My wife has had a lesbian lover for several years. She enjoys being with a woman sometimes and I am not a woman. Nothing wrong with it

  • You're right, there isn't anything wrong with that. It's your situation and preference in regards to your relationship. You're aware of your wife's lover and agree with it. Having a lesbian lover isn't the concern here! It's the act of "cheating" it's not about sexuality! Reread the OP

  • I would like to chat with you. message me on

  • About what? I'm not interested in divulging a bunch of details for some mans sexual enjoyment.

  • Touché

  • Good for you. Some people are sexual beings . Enjoy it and don't feel any guilt.

  • She doesn't feel any guilt, it's established within her confession. However, she should feel guilt for betraying and disrespecting her wedding vows. Fair enough, if she had an open marriage with her husband and they both agree with this, it would be cool. But it seems apparent, that isn't the case. She's been disloyal and a s****, cheating on her husband!

  • I'm married and have a lesbian lover, she is my sons teacher

  • Does your husband know? He should duck around as well, so you'll both be equal cheaters!

  • How would you feel if he found out and wanted to watch or join in

  • We are lesbian lovers and my husband is OK it. We are not kinky why would we want a man involved?

  • Does your HUSBAND f*** other women as well? It's only fair, he gets to polish his d*** with other, more beautiful women!

  • No I still f*** him regularly and he is happy

  • I think he should f*** other women, as you're going the same!

  • Because men always think they need to be involved somehow.

  • They do when it's female on female action. I'm making assumptions here, it's only my opinion.

  • F*** off idiot

  • I wouldn't like it

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