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I only watch CNN, CNBC, and even shows like Good Morning America so I can fantasize about the newscasters.

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  • I want to s**** kellyann Conway until she screams stop. C** on her then pee on her. Then go bowling......

  • News flash: You have no life!

  • If I had a choice, it'd be Maria Bartiromo. {quivering} OMMFG!

  • I like Robin Meade, Brooke Baldwin, Tamron Hall, Alison Camerotta, Erica Hill, Christi Paul etc. I'm very liberal, but I'll even peek in on Fox News to see Megyn Kelly or Stacey Dash. I don't speak Spanish, but I'll click over to Despierta America on Univision to see Karla Martinez, Satcha Pretto and Ximena Córdoba.

  • I like Amy Robach and Brooke Baldwin. Such hotties.

  • Oh, yeah.....Brooke Baldwin........mmmmmm.......YESSSS!

  • The one I like most is that Lara Spencer. She fine!!!!!!

  • For me, it's Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC. I m********* thinking about her ALL the time. In my fantasies, she's a mean b**** domme.

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