Thai massage

A few days ago I went for Thai traditional massage and I was given a pair of pants and top. I wore those pants and top but had no underwear and waited for the massage therapist. To my surprise that the massage parlor had no women available so I got a young man to massage me. During the course of massage, he pulled my pants in a such a way it opened up and he could clearly see my erected p****. In the beginning I was a bit embarrassed but later I enjoyed him watching my p**** for nearly 30 mins. Then I came home and masturbated thinking about what had happen to me.

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  • Was not a Thai one I went to but a supposedly sports massage parlour in Kent uk I was told to undress and lie face down with my head throu the hole on massage table,then to call when ready,not sure if at first male or female came in(turned out young male) I was butt naked and the hands got to work on me relaxing my big muscles on shoulders n back then moved down to feet and legs,pretty soon my thighs were eased apart and fingers lightly tracing my shaven b****,instant erection happened of course and little pleasure groans,then my c*** was pulled downwards between my legs and milked expertly,as I neared e********** his soft mouth closed over my big glans and I shot urgently into his willing mouth,soon he was at the head of the table tapping my shoulders as I lifted my head a lovely big c*** was pushed between my lips,I hungrily sucked until less than 30 seconds he shot straight down my throat,not a word exchanged and to my surprise no charge for the extras

  • I can't believe he didn't touch you. I couldn't have resisted and I would have kissed you

  • Where would you kiss? He did touch and rub my p**** but he pretend as if it was not deliberate acts. Anyway I was a bit shy but enjoyed exposing it to a stranger.

  • I would have kissed your k***, then sucked it till you filled my mouth with you lovely s****, I'm on Walsall UK

  • Wow... Wish to be in your mouth. Post your email address. I shall send you my pic

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