A a fantasy of a black guy playing with my wife?

Yes have a fantasy would like a black play with my wife,
Hope a black could help it become reality, start with giving her a bull body massage,
as she likes a body massage, then latter lead on with her ,the ice be broken and she be relaxed and aroused and willing for it

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  • When the wife and I go on vacation we always make sure to set a play date for her with bbc. She gets to play and I get to watch. It cool and it always really hot.

  • Did you get your wife to play yet? If not stream her so films of bbc f*****g white wives. If that don't make her juicy I don't know what will. I converted my wife to a bbc s*** about a dozen years ago that way. She no longer waits for me to set her up. She finds them on her own. Real sexy women.

  • Like that, she knows what is good.

  • That's a thought

  • My wife was a s*** for black guys in high school, now she f**** black guys I set her up with.

  • My wife tried s** with a black man about six years ago and she really got into again just like she was single again. Her and my buddies wife go clubbing every Friday night, They wonder in the house at five or six AM and crash in bed every Saturday morning. They wake up in mid-afternoon just as me and my buddy come home from golfing.

    So they get all the bbc they needed for the week and me and my buddy got in a round of golf without them complaining. Works for me.

  • I am sure your wife would love to play with a black guy or two. My wife dated black men in college and for several years after she got out of school. About four months of marriage she confessed she dated black men while dating me. Then she asked the big question can she start seeing them again. I agreed and her s** life is great and so is mine.

  • That is the best of life, when both get what they love . snd still married and love each other but are open to each others needs or wants. cool.

  • My wife used to date black men before we met . she said that they were real jerks , and only thought of their selves . and when they were done banging her , that was it ! they just think about what they wanted . just saying .

  • Can sure understand what you are trying to say, but we must not loose sight that there a some real white guy jerks about and also have not pushy and no respect either,
    the wife as often said that.
    In-reality one as to just be cautious as with any thing, and keep brain and eyes open

  • I see your point , well taken . I didn't think on that . take care .

  • Thanks for that, and thanks for your concern, plus thanks for giving it more thoughts
    take care

  • Now you ae really being a nice husband. I am a wife and have enjoyed my Black friends frequently with my husbands blessing. You really need to be honest with her in a situation like this. Trickery can backfire on you. If she is not willing and the guy rapes her, where does that put you?

  • Can understand what you are saying, but this scenario would be talked with the guy before hand that way all then know the situation, and go from there,
    That way all will be taken control of

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