I know I shouldn't be bitter but...

I've been feeling bitter towards my friends and family lately. When there's some major event going on in their lives I'm expected to get on a plane and fly in for it. All well and good, because I do care about them and want to share these important events with them. But nobody ever gets on a plane for me. I can count on one hand the number of friends or family members who have come to visit me in the last several years. I've invited them to visit multiple times, but there's always an excuse as to why they can't. I've stopped even asking at this point. I know I shouldn't be bitter, but I'm tired of the lack of reciprocation.

Dec 23, 2016

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  • People seem to think you can treat others like crap if they're related. It makes me very glad I don't have any family, because I have real friends who don't pull manipulative crap like this. Those in the past that have are no longer my friends, because they can't pull that "blood is thicker than water" card.

    My life may or may not be as densely populated as yours, but I guarantee it's sweeter and has a LOT less drama.

  • It happens, and most people are no different. I get tired of doing all the running around, favors, etc, for people, including my local sister, while, even the very thought of asking her for anything results in a definitive no or excuse. Just because I'm self-employed, everyone thinks I have all the time in the world to do for them, yet..I ask one thing, and it's "I work, I can't" or "Uh..When? Not sure".. Does p*** me off sometimes.

  • You are a bitter butt.

  • How constructive.

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