Indian woman

I am an Indian woman, born in the UK 40yrs old with big books. I have been married to a man I don't like for 20yrs, it was an arranged marriage.
I want to have s** with a well endowed white man, I have wanted this for many years. My husband f**** me once a week, I just let him do what he wants and he cuts quickly and goes to sleep.
I'm submissive and need a white man to take me anyway he wants, treat me like a s***. I'm chubby with 38dd books and live in Smethwick UK. My p**** is very hairy I need to be f*** properly

Dec 27, 2016

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  • Show bobs & vagene.

  • Mark has arranged for me to be in a p*** film. He sent naked pictures of me to the company and they have invited me to a p*** shoot, for s** with another woman and man. I'm so excited

  • It was wonder, got f***** by 3 white men and 2 black men

  • Here we have Ashley Madison. You must have that also. Go on.mwwt up go crazy.
    Don't let your old customs and rules ruin your one shot of enjoyment on this planet. Don't be stupid. In the end you will be happier and your idiot husband will be happy you are

  • Contact your local escort service, not this website. Try the internet and search your surrounding area for discreet male escorts. A professional will probably know how to make you o*****, compared to any Joe blog down your street! Good luck!

  • Too bad you're across the ocean. I'd love to volunteer.

  • Try your local area for sexual fun, if you're gagging for s**.

    Don't you have a "red light district, within your neighborhood?"

  • Chat with me on

  • Wishful thinking!

  • I love an older woman with big books ;)
    I'm a 30yr old Indian born in the U.K. too. You don't need a white guy, you just need a guy that'll bury his face into your hairy p**** then f*** you hard with his big d*** until you're screaming like you never have before. Screaming with pain from my huge c*** but also because you're finally getting sexual pleasure like you never knew...

  • Ha ha ha

  • So in your mind,"pain is pleasure?!" WTF!

  • No, but some women will like the idea of being f***** hard to pleasure a man's desires, and the women will get pleasure from this too. I f*** girls hard and rough because they like the feeling of being like a s** toy for me, but I will always always make sure they enjoy it and c** at least once. That's why they come back

  • So, you think some women will like the "idea" of being f***** hard and gain pleasure from the "idea" of pleasing a man this way. An "idea is a thought process" the act itself, may not be as "great" as the idea, for some women. Just like an individuals sexual fantasy, may not be as exhilarating, once "acted out in reality"

  • I know plenty of women who love it and will c** during it. Some like to be s**-doll like and just lie there, others like to scream and ask for it harder. Others like to pretend (I've asked them several times) that they're being f***** without their permission. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean there are not people out there who do enjoy it

  • I'm not making assumptions, like you're. I'm conveying my opinion and personal perspective. I'm sorry you can't and don't comprehend that :)

  • I want a big white c***, I want to experience a white c*** banging my hairy brown c*** and to duck it after being f*****.
    I probably would let you f*** me after I have had a white c***

  • Just because you may get f***** by a white c***, doesn't mean you will enjoy or/and achieve an o***** from it! I believe the fantasy of it, is more satisfying than reality! Sometimes reality, doesn't correlate/ match upto, our fantasizes. It's just my opinion. Each to their own.

  • Try a big white c*** first then baby. Then try my big brown d***. Colour won't change anything but the attention you and your hairy p**** are given is what matters. I'd tie you your hands to the hotel bed, maybe blind fold you, the start eating your hairy c***. Then without warning I'll ram my big d*** inside you, it'll hurt bad but that'll make the pleasure more intense as you feel me go further than your husband could imagine and last much much longer. We'd f*** for hours, both of us c****** several times, you'll be stretched and sore and full of C**. That won't stop me eating your chubby p**** though, I'll wade through that jungle and get my tongue in you until you c** some more. Then I'll untie you and f*** your mouth until you feel my load shooting down your throat. Then I'll flip you over, spank your big a*** and f*** you h****** all fours like the s*** you want to be. I'll ram you hard and fast, my finger in your arsehole until I c** again. Quickly put your panties on, get dressed and go back to your pathetic husband. Get on top of him and ride him, let him feel your stretched hairy c***, his d*** flopping around in all my c**. As you'll be on top, he'll see all my c** ooze out of your c*** all over his d***. If he says anything, just slap him and tell him you're in charge and that you'll only obey big d*** guys from now on. Then meet me again the next day ;)

  • A stretched, gaping p**** doesn't sound appealing! I thought most men like tight, small holes, whether or not, they belong to a female or male. The tighter, the better!

  • The like it spotlight to start with but it stretches to fit the d*** in. A******* stretch even more. The return back to normal after a while.

  • Ramming your c*** into a woman, doesn't automatically mean it's going to be satisfying, for the female!

    I can imagine it being more satisfying, if you're the one with the tool to do the ramming, compared to being the one with the hole, getting rammed into! Just my opinion, EVERY female is different!

    I PERSONALLY need a lot of foreplay before I achieve an o***** and I never achieve it through intercourse with a man, only through clitorus stimulation.

    I never fake an o***** either, just to please a man's ego. If a man o****** and I don't during a s** session, I always tell them.
    No point in deceiving them, they'll never learn, if you do. Communication is the key.
    I let them know my sexual dislikes and likes beforehand and if they still don't satisfy me whilst f******, I tell the man to get off me and out of me! Simple as :-)

  • If you just don't get it, you don't get it. Those that do will understand the post.

  • That's why I stated, "every female is different!" I was conveying my personal opinion. You don't have to agree, that's why it's an opinion and not a "fact" Fool!

    Don't assume every female feel great satisfaction from hard intercourse alone!! I am one female, I'm not speaking on behalf of the majority of the female population, I'm speaking from my own perspective!

  • I was agreeing that everyone was different and some will like it and want to hear what was written like I think the OP will and others who hate it.

    I've never assumed all women like it the same, that's ridiculous, I treat every woman differently, I find out what they like and we try things out and see what they are comfortable with and what turn them on.

    I have some girls who like it rough, like to be thrown about like they're worthless free whores, whilst others who want to "make love". I'm happy to go with what they like.

  • Bless you :)

  • Had my 1st big white c*** yesterday, I loved it. He was 60yrs old but strong, he f***** me roughly and hard. I could only fit a third of his c*** in my mouth and he filled it with s****. He spunked my a*** and t***. He tried to f*** my a*** but he was to big but I want it so much. It was wonderful to be used purely for s** and I'm meeting him and a friend tonight

  • So how did it go on the second meet? Did he bring his friend and both took you to pleasurland and back? I hope so and do love to hear that you ladies are getting what you need,I worked for quiet a few years as a male escort and never tired of satisfying other men's ladies whilst they could not,even did so with the hubby watching and/or listening from another room;I enjoy this now with my female partner,she loves the young hung guys that give it hard n fast and I love watching as she struggles to take bigger c**** each time,we have amazing s** afterwards and it's so fulfilling seeing her perched on the tip of a great big c*** waiting to slide it all inside

  • It was a great experience, I met Mark and Steve and went for a drink. Steve is, 40 and fit, after a few drinks we went back to Mark's house, they stripped me and spent a lot of time pleasuring, sucking my nipples and fingering me. They stripped, both had big hard c****, I was pushed onto the bed Mark stuck his head between my legs and licked my c*** as I sucked Steve's c***. I had a huge o*****, Steve moved around and began f****** me and I sucked Mark's c***, Steve spunked in my c*** and I also got a mouth full of s****. They spent the rest of the night f****** me in every position possible, finishing with both of them f****** my a*** and I had multiple o******. Steve left and I spent the night with Mark

  • Did you achieve an o*****?

  • Yes I did but not from being f*****, he licked my c*** which drove me wild and I C** all over his face. This was the 1st time anyone has licked my c*** and I want more

  • That's f****** hot. I would happily eat you out too until you have multiple o******.

  • Good, I'm happy the guy was selfless and put your sexual needs, before his own! I'm happy he made you o*****, without sticking his p**** in your v*****.

  • It was my 1st o*****, I didn't know I squarted when I c**

  • Sorry it was your first and that no man has ever made you achieve one before! But now you have, I hope you won't return to faking an o***** for the male ego, It's not worth it! O***** away and I hope you achieve many more!

  • Message me I'm very very fit white guy;61 years old but very muscular and a nice smooth n cut 7"+ six shooter that will pierce your armour and drive you wild,

  • Do you lick c***, I love and need it, as well as a big fat c***

  • 7 inches isn't big enough!

  • I absolutely adore eating c*** and wanking a nice big c*** between thumb n finger until it squirts,and they all do sometime or other believe me,once you are there bucking n shuddering throu o***** I take that c*** between my front teeth and suck so hard you climax again and again as I suck it all in,you will be begging me to stop but not really wanting me too,then with your legs up on my very muscular shoulders I will rub my big swollen glans head up n down on clitty that's so very sensitive from its climaxes and bring you close again before I nail you with all 7"+ of my shaved cut c***,maybe you're wanting me now to pull out of your c*** and nail you straight up your a***-hole eh? I bet you do they all want the not talked about stuff in the end,feel my whole length up that bum and then my first big c** shooting deep in there and filling it up mmmmm

  • Good for you! :-) Keep on satisfying the women, so they achieve genuine o****** and don't fake them!

  • What armour?

  • I don't have armour, just a chubby, hairy open c*** that needs a good f******

  • That sounds f****** delicious! I'd eat your c*** and bring you to the edge multiple times so when you finally c** I'll be drowning in your juices. I love eating p****!

  • Hmm, still not appealing!!

  • More for the rest of us then!

  • I like my p****** clean shaven! Each to their own :-)

  • That sounds equally as delicious. Maybe I just love all p**** however it is. Nothing like pleasing a girl with your tongue and lips.

  • True

  • Driving your c*** into a woman and thrusting hard, doesn't always equate to pleasure! What's pleasurable about it, not unless the female o****** from this sort of roughness and intercourse alone, without foreplay and stimulation beforehand

  • Again if you don't understand it, it's not for you

  • You're right, it isn't for me. But each to their own :-)
    I don't doubt, there are some women out there, that understand what I mean. To doubt otherwise, would be stupid :)

  • Just conveying my opinion, like you're.

  • Sucks to f*** a stanky indian punjab right?

  • Race is irrelevant!

  • They're usually the wildest...

  • Yet again, race is inconsequential. It's an "individual thing" not "racial!" In regards to a person's sexual techniques and whether they're good or not, at love making

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