Realized that all white people Are Racist

Ive come to the realization that all people classified and accepted as white are racist white supremecist. This realization is terrifies me.

Donald Trump president elect.

Facts dont even matter anymore .

Racism is to have the power to exploit ,kill , rape , subjugate, plunder without consequence. The only pratical form of racism is white supremacy. A System of people power based in the hue/color of ones skin . White and non white.

The only practical reason to be classified as white and the reason racial classifcations were created by white people is to practice and particpate in acts of white supremacy :which include :Genocide, Sexual explotation, Slavery , S** Slavery, Threats of violence , Direct violence, Property, econmic and land Theft, ritualistic killings aka lynching now police killings, terrorism, Psychological terrorism and Mass acts of deception and Manipulation.

America was built on native american bones and mutilated Dead Black Bodies.

America needs Black death, Black Souls, Black s**, Black suffering to use as resource for consumption to sustain itself.

This is the only reason people who are considered "black" havent all been exterminated.

White Manhood/Womanhood is only achieved through the killing or raping of a black body or bodies. This is ultimately what it means to be WHITE.

If a person is classfied as white they are conditioned to be sociopathic against someone who is not white but especially Black. All non white people are also conditioned to be sociopathic towards themselves.

Race + Rape = Racist
(White + power) = white supremacy

The only People that function as a race are white. Thought, speech, actions are shared among the white collective on the planet.

Most Damming Evidence:

When a white person meets another random white person or form a new group and no black people are around.

They will start making racist jokes usually about dead black bodies. Why? Because they assume every white person present is a racist white supremacist..

And now ...
i do too

Dec 26, 2016

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  • LMAO!

    Do you even hear yourself, fool?! "EVERYBODY WITH THIS SKIN COLOR IS RACIST." Oh my FVCKING god, that's hilarious.

    I used to think only the far right was buried in their own a$$es by cognitive dissonance, but retards like you have proven that wrong.

    Stay in your mommy's basement where it's safe, you are not competent to spend any time in the real world.

  • Hey dumbass black people wouldve been exactly the same enslaving everyone else if they figured technology first too bad that wasnt the case......

  • No one knows that, "so how can you profess to!"

  • Thats white pathology .you assume that everyone has that same bloodlust found in whites.

  • Don't treat, "like for like" you won't win and neither will your counterpart.

    The majority of people, will never comprehend the magnitude of any form of prejudice regardless of race. "There's no excuses for any form of prejudice, there's no justification for it and there's no reason for it. It will never be eradicated, until "we" the people, change our "ignorant blind sided attitudes"

  • Comprehend the magnitude you f****** idiot were very likely in a multiverse where every possible outcome is happening all at the same time and new universes like ours are popping in and out of the quantum foam soo dont pretend like you have any understanding of anything

  • My point is,'no one can comprehend the magnitude of anything, including yourself!'
    It is you, that understands nothing!

    How can you "comprehend anything, when you don't possess all the answers to everything!" - Comprehend that, you ignorant, egotistical fool!

  • I have a few more answers than you lol mabye go pray to jebus

  • Lol no one knows everything. But everyone knows something :)
    Comprehend that fool!

    It's maybe, not mabye
    It's Jesus, not jebus

  • Man f*** you. blacks train black child soldiers in africa wtf is that then...

  • Are you stating, 'A minority of black people committing horrific offenses, determines that the majority of black people, are criminals?!' If you're, you're truly stupid!
    That's equivalent to stating, 'the majority of human beings are evil, because a minority of them are!' Come on man, 'where's your head at!

  • Whats an " horrific offense" ? Atomic Bombs and Jewish holocaust would rise to that level which were both acts of White Supremecist terroism. The only Human Beings on the planet that have committed Crimes against the planet and other humans on a massive scale and who are collectively against all life on earth and the planet itself ARE THE PEOPLE WHO CLASSIFY THEMSELVES AS "WHITE"

  • Lol you're truly racist and have issues regarding the white race!

    The commentator wasn't conveying anything about the "White Race"

    You've misconstrued everything, to suit your ignorant racist nature!

    Not cool!

  • Im saying that violence exsists regardless of whether youre black white chinese whatever youre saying white people are the only ones guilty of it

  • You're stating this now! But you wasn't stating this before! Reread your original comment

  • I realize that not all black people are racist but you certainly are thanks for helping keeping racism around youre playing your part forsure

  • Everyone is racist!

  • You actually believe that crap... yeah I was feed that crap too when I was growing up. Know what I found out when I got older? It was all Bullshit. Whitey isn't out to get me or any other people of color. You let them fill your head with that crap and all it does is cause you to be racist toward others. Some of the nicest people I know are white and I've never been treated any different.

  • Man go back to school learn some s*** seriously

  • All racism is is judging a book by its cover without bothering to read even to the second page

  • You dont get to define what racism is. Spreading confusion by being deceptive is an Act of Racism

  • Nice but futile attempt to twist words around, little SJW. This commentator nailed it, so go cry in your safe space. You whiny cvnts are just as racist as the teahadists, except *against* white people. Too bad you're too arrogant to see that!

  • Its called stereotyping which youre now doing to me sooo.......

  • Excuse me wtf would u call it?

  • You're a f****** idiot!

  • Go around being racist to white ppl by assuming they are and see how many new racists u create

  • Cant be Racist towards whites .. Theres no Power to enforce anything .. You know this your being intentionally deceptive which is an Act of Racism

  • Intentionally deceptive why what do i have to gain nothing i just dont judge ppl by their skin color and i dont want ppl to judge me either which u r doing to every white person f*** if u dont have any success in life how about instead of blaming all white ppl u work on improving urself

  • Damn ur f***** stupid

  • But like.. I'm white & I'm not racist 😂😂

  • Life isn't as simple as, "black and white" there's a gray area! And no I'm not referring to, "race!"

    You can only change your attitude, perspectives and perception's, in regards to your warped and misguided views! Yes, prejudice is alive in our world! Yes, racism is alive and kicking also! These are well known factors in our world and won't change, unless attitudes change. But man, reread and rethink what you've written. If you have, and you still can't, won't or don't fully comprehend the stupendous notions you have, you seriously need to look within yourself :-(

    Ignorance, can't overcome ignorance

  • Can you tell me who is or who is not practcing the religon of white supremecy.. I would like to know so people wont end up Dead,

  • Like I stated,"ignorance can't overcome, ignorance!"

  • Its f****** racist to assume someone is a racist mabye shut the f*** up

  • MAYBE is spelt like this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lack of empathy towards black people.. The sociopathic white mind.

  • Yeah you know what ppl like you make me have less empathy good job mission accomplished have fun being a f****** gangsta wannabe loser

  • Did the commentator state they were black? I think not! You're just as bad as him, making assumptions! How do you know that person isn't a white person, who sympathises with the black race and feels empathy, for what transpires in black history!

    You're a fool!

  • Its a pretty reasonable assumption givin that theyre sayin all white ppl are racist mabye f*** yourself

  • It's actually not, 'a reasonable assumption!' But what is an assumption, is 'you stating it is!'

  • Lol Him, could be a "she"

  • I agree! It's racist to assume as well, "that a person whom is white, is racist!"

    The OP is a "trip!" I don't know what this person is snorting, but It isn't white powder!

  • Deflection .. This poster is practicing racism

  • I agree

  • Shameless, verbal diarrhoea!!!!!!!!!

  • Dismissal. example of a person practicing racism

  • Lol everyone is racist, to a certain degree.
    Don't be foolish, you're human like the rest of us and not without your own prejudices and judgements. If you were a higher being an immortal being, which doesn't succumb to the sins of the human flesh/desires, then I would think differently. Because you aren't, you are like everyone else!

  • Lies ... A black person being "racist" is name calling and Dislike of whites amounts to just feelings. When whites are racist it results in Death, Disenfranchisment, ensalvement and Terrorism backed up by the state. When the poster says "everyone is Racist" its a massive act of deception and another example of a white person being racist and maintaing white supremacy. You cannnot be racist without any Power.

  • You state, "you cant be racist, without any power"

    I knew of a woman who was called a "n i g g e r" by a homeless person, as sge was commuting to work. Now, please convey to me, "what power did that homeless woman have, compared to the woman she verbally abused?" Maybe the homeless woman felt jealous of that woman and knowing her own situation is grim, she maybe tried to "psychologically make herself feel better and try to ascertain some sort of power/control for a second, by verbally abusing this woman" if that's true, "who in this situation had power?"

  • White People have the power of the state and always get the benefit of the doubt.. The homeless white woman could have just called the police crying sayng your friend had a gun. Or some other lie.

    Your friend would have been searched, possibly killed, humilated and other stuff. Thats power . The power to kill or have people killed , jailed, locked up, fined. Based on lies. Because all whites will believe her. and even they dont . Most will go along anyway to maintain the white power structure.

  • I didn't state the homeless person was "white" and this situation didn't transpire in America, if that's what you assumed. It happened within a country where the law finds racism/racist abuse a hate crime and a criminal offense!

    White are you so racist against white people? You do reason we're all human beings regardless of our race don't you?

  • Why and realise

  • Try being albino in africa lol

  • Lol true! I watched a program about that the other day. Can you believe the racism and prejudice they experience! Man, not forgetting specific body parts of albino's are hacked off and used for black magic, that's sick!

  • Bless you, you're in denial :)

  • Here's what rap sounds like to me:

    Yo, my n****, was rolling right with shortie (took me years to figure out what a shortie was - hoe), cause we started out wit nothing now we king and curb stomping.

    Rolling wit my homies, smokin blunts in the crib?

    I mean come on now, these type of lyrics are ridiculous, and I think it breeds hate.

    Good rap began and ended with Grand Master Flash - The message

    Sick of all the knock offs, hate, negativity.

    You are what YOU make of yourself period

  • Post is not about music or your personal feelings about rap

    Deflection, disssmisal and victim blaming all forms of deception and another example of a white person practicing Racism white supremecy

  • I'm speechless!! 🤢

  • The realization that you should have come to is that you are a complete idiot and extremely racist yourself. I grew up all my life in a place where there was no discrimination, not in my home, not in my school, not in my town. I have friends of many races. Its only been in the last few years with all fake news from the media whipping up the race issue that I have felt like I am actually now a victim of racism. Just today I read a post that says that without exception, all white people are racist. What could be more racist than saying all people of a certain color are racist without ever meeting them all. You have now come full circle. You have decided to be the person who hates. You have made up the lie and believed it. Now you have convinced yourself of it and you will now justify your hate and probably the evil acts you will do to white people. Its you who looks for a group of your color and then talks evil behind their backs.

    We just had a black president. There are more black rich and famous then ever before. There are examples everywhere that prove your are a total idiot. Society is filled with a bunch of 'token blacks.' If that were the case there would be no Obama, no Oprah, no Michael Jackson, no Beyonce, no Ben Carson, no successful black person anywhere that is accepted. But successful black people are everywhere just like less successful, whites, yellows and browns are everywhere.

    You need to start dropping the hate. You are not a victim. You live in a closed off fake world where you believe a lie.

  • Playing a victim .. There is no black person on Earth that can stop a white person from do anything to them or there family ... Obama was obviously not in charge, Black Friends.. Blah blah.. Again mass acts of deception is an act of racism white supremecy

  • When you said that facts don't matter anymore, I understood: facts don't matter TO YOU.

  • You seen the election coverage . Bald Face Lies everday perputated by president elect and clinton ampified by the media. Whites have no moral standard . Spare me your false outrage.

  • You've seen, not "you seen!"

    Perpetuated, not "perputated!"

    Clinton, not "clinton"

    You need to return to School. Your grammar and punctuation skills, are "POOR"

  • "You need to return to *school. Your grammar and punctuation skills are poor."

    Note and correct these grammatical errors before you call out someone else's awful spelling. Otherwise, you are a hypocrite-- on a confession and comment thread full of hypocrites.

  • Grammar N*** ... of course whites are better at english. Its there native language..! Anything to deflect from the subject matter of the post. Another act of racism.

  • Having POOR grammar and punctuation skills, isn't racial!

    If you want to be HEARD and ACKNOWLEDGED, improve your "English Language Skills!"

    Ps What are you hoping to achieve, with this "race tirade?"

  • What does grammar have to do with White Supremacy?

  • Mankind is complex, so why get upset about things you can't fully comprehend and/or change?"

    live the life you want and stop with your "prejudiced tirade!" It won't change anything.

    If you believe something needs to change amongst mankind, your pessimism won't do that and you alone, won't make a difference!

  • Blacks are their own worst enemies. It isn't white people killing blacks these days its other blacks. On the rare occasion, a white does kill a black the white gets the ultimate penalty.

  • You're completely ignorant and narrow minded, without an ounce of intellect, sprouting this tripe! "Blacks are their own worst enemies!" what a crock of s***! You're stating, that you don't treat people as individuals and that all individuals pertaining to a specific race, are the same!

    What race are you? Scratch that, I don't want to f****** know!! I'm convening a point! If you're White, Asian, Indian or so forth, because you're stupid and unintellectual, am I going to judge you as an individual for your stupid views or assume all individuals of your specific race (Whatever your race is) are completely stupid?! Well, because I'm an open-minded person unlike yourself, I'll judge you as an individual, because that's the sort of person I am. I'm judging you harshly, because of your ignorant and negative tripe, race has nothing to do with it! Don't being a walking stereotype and fool!

  • Society is conditioned from Birth to be Anti-Black .. And your either white or Not white . And if your are Black you deserve to be mistreated. Thats what all the propaganda is about.

  • I'm a person, a human being with conscience thoughts. My race is irrelevant, as I am more than my racial ethnicity.

    If you can't comprehend that, you're beyond "bitter and toxic"

  • Tell that to Dylan Roof and his sympathizers.

  • Bless you, may Allah forgive you! :)

  • If you really believe what you've written, you are STUPID. The majority of the criminals I have run into are black. Just look at Chicago. How can it be the white mans fault blacks are killing each other? Doesn't that make them idiots? What's ruining black progression is the stupid rap mentality. Every f****** song has the word N*gga in it at least 30 times. It's crude, depressing, self defeating and shows ignorance. You can't act a fool and then cry noone respects you duh

  • This person here is a race soldier. In case you havent noticed .. Most Rap is for white people now. Mostly White people buy and go to the concerts . Todays Rap is about mistreating and killing n******.. Perfect music for Racist

  • Haven't, not "havent"
    Today's, not "todays"

  • The USA is different from the UK, in regards to racial prejudice etc.
    The USA is abrupt, active and bold in regards to racial prejudices. The UK have subtle racism and our law enforcement/criminal justice system take hate crimes seriously, of which the USA don't!! Shame on the USA!! Shame on you!! We do have isolated incidences of racial crimes in the UK, but the USA take the biscuit, compared to the UK!

    I'm extremely lucky to be a British Citizen! Our Justice, Welfare and Health Care systems exceeds the USA's, without a doubt!! Shame on you!!

  • Because waiting months for diagnostic procedures because the NHS is backed up is "superior"? The U.K. may have more "equality" but the beauty of the US is that one can be what they make of his or her self. We don't have the level of government control that the U.K. does.

  • ... Deflection changing the subject this person is practicing racism white supremacy

  • Nope. F*** you eurocunt. Let's see how you enjoy getting raped up the a*** by the mudslime niggbos imported into your countries, courtersy of the JEWS.

  • True

  • The beauty of the US is, It's prejudiced and reinforces prejudices against specific racial and low socio-economic groups! Instead of intervening in other Countries politics and propaganda, sort your own s*** out first!! Your country maybe bigger than ours, but it's definitely not better! I'd be safer as a ethnic minority individual in the UK, compared to if I resided in certain parts of the US, without a doubt!! I'll stick to travelling to South America and the rest of Europe, thank you very much!

  • Perhaps your government need more control, because unlike your system, ours actually work! Lol if you can only criticise the UK Health Care system and not the other topics I mentioned, you've proved me right!

  • Works for who? No goverment only works for white people . Your being deceptive which is an act of racism

  • You're, not "your"

  • Reread the comment, you've misunderstood and taken it out of context.

  • You're a f****** idiot

  • Without a doubt!

  • Indeed!

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