Hubby wants to be a cuckold

My husband has been encouraging me to blow another guy while he watches and eventually joins in, going at me from behind. At first I was shocked but now am intrigued. I might be willing to make this happen. Why would a guy be into this type of thing?

Jan 3, 2017

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  • The real sexual pleasure comes from watching your wife having an o*****. I don’t care if she’s masturbating, having s** with another or with me. However my favorite is watching her getting a masssge that starts as relaxing but she becomes uncontrollably aroused and ends up succumbing to temptation.

  • Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • For me as a cuck hubby it is the ultimate gift a wife can give me. I so need that my wife give herself to another male or many , and still be my wife.

  • For those of us that enjoy cuckolding it's the ultimate turn-on to see your beloved taking a larger c***. I love watching my wife getting it and she has learned how much she enjoys being able to have her choice of big thick meat and still have her loyal husband happy and h****.

  • For some of us it's a great sight watching our lady take a lovely big c*** inside her;with mine she has a thing for very young but extremely hung and fit guys so it's a massive turn-on for me a couple of times a year to watch her lithe slim body take on a massive young c*** for an hour or so;she has such a sensitive c*** that she c*** almost imiediatly and oh so often so I know she is being satisfied,go for it with his approval and enjoy some nice big quality c***,so far my Mrs has had 8-10 nice 8" fat c**** and one of just on the 10" mark which had her whimpering for ages;she has been looking extensively on line to find the ultimate 12" c*** as she so desperately wants to prove herself to me

  • Have you joined in trying to help her find her foot long fantasy? She should be f****** these guys a whole more if asked me

  • It's only when we go away from home that she partake in these encounters,will not do it where she's known or with anybody she knows so it's holidays,weekends away and twice when on a business trip for her work,alas I didn't watch that one as was in Barcelona and with two naughty hotel bar tenders who were taking part in a body building contest at the hotel she was staying at,bronzed fit bodies that she said were completely hairless and oiled up,both only 19 and with bodies and c**** to die for(her words not mine) they even got her pleasuring herself with the magnum bottle of Krug champagne on a glass topped table in her suite,she took it right up to the neck of the bottle where it's over 7" circumference,around 8" in length and they egged her on,she got double whammies by them for a good few hours she says

  • She sounds like she is an incredible woman and you too have a lot of fun.

  • A lot of men share this fantasy. If you plan to move forward my advice is to make sure there are no issues in your marriage . If s** has died off and he brought this up as a way of spicing things up it may only complicate the real issues. You both have to be very secure in your relationship or it could result in jealousy and hurt feelings. As the comment below stated men are visual, make sure its a vision he can handle.

  • Men like this fantasy because they are visual creatures of s**. That's why they like f****** with the lights on, video recording, and mirrors. They also love p*** and what better p*** show to have than one that is live staring their best girl. Yes, some men can't handle it and once they get it they never want it again, but some men view cheating as when their wife f**** around on them behind their back. To them it's not about the s** so much as it's about the lies. If your husband is asking for it, you should at least try it once to see how he actually likes it. I would suggest going out of state and finding a no strings attached stranger to f***. Never f*** someone from your home town or someone you know, that only leads to trouble. Go for it girl and have fun.

  • Make sure he is serious and can really handle seeing you with another man with out freaking out. My husband had asked me for years to let him watch me with another man . After I finally agreed and everything was all set up ,he did not enjoy it at all and left the room while I was giving the other man a b******. What used to be a hot fantasy for him is now a bad memory. The reason he gave for wanting it was that he loved me and wanted me to have the pleasure of two men making love to me. He wanted to watch me enjoy another man then join in . In truth I think he just wanted a live s** show to get off too. He just couldn't separate emotions from s** and he got very jealous.

  • I convinced my wife to do this but had the opposite effect. I really enjoyed it and got off on seeing her with another man. It al depends on the people involved and is hard to predict how everyone will react. I thought it was amazing to watch my wife suck off another man and have him c** all over her t***.

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