I saw my brother's ** outline.

OMG! I saw my brother's ** outline in his jeans. It was halfway down his thigh and that thing was huge! I couldn't believe it!

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I'm doing things with my step dad and I cry myself to sleep all n

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  • My name is Katie, when I was 8yo I s u c k e d on my brother's (Chris he was 10) hard rod (c o c k, d i c k) for about 5 minutes before he pulled it out and it went soft. I did it again at bedtime and again in the morning before school. This ended up going on for 3 years. When I turned 10 Chris said he had a special present for me at bedtime, what he had for me was sliding his hard thin c o c k in my juicy little c u n n y, he had been ** me for a few weeks and I love it, now I know why. He had me lay on my back and pull my legs high and hold them behind my knees and he did the deed, he entered me slowly then shoved hard thru my hymen and pumped fast for about a minute and just laid on me for a few minutes while it went soft. ** me he said as he shoved it in my mouth, the taste wasn't bad, I've tasted myself before. He got hard again and did me for 5 more minutes-it felt sooooo good.

  • How old are you now Katie

  • I'm 13 now and I really miss Chris's hard d i c k in my mouth and c u n n y, I've never tasted his c u m and I really want to. I'm thinking of trying to get my Uncle Steve to let me ** him off, he's always looking at me like a piece of meat, I'm nervous about haw to do it. Any suggestions, Katie

  • Put on a skirt without undies, shave any c u n t hair you have so he'll get a good look the first time, then when the time is right sit in front of him and give him a show, you'll know when he doesn't turn away he's hooked, then I would stand up and walk over to him and lift your skirt all the while looking him in the eyes, he'll be eating you in no time. Men are mesmerized by hairless c u n t s, he'll do what ever you want.

  • Why are you talking to yourself and Liking your own comments?

  • I also sucked my brother's c o c k for a couple years, it started when I was 6 and he was 11, I stopped after he cummed in my mouth and I threw up, he said he started cummings a month ago, well too bad Stevie, find yourself another little kid!

  • Can I have ** with you?

  • Good for your brother, he has a big **! No changer rooms bullying for him, as every guy will be envious!

    Now, stop checking out your brothers **! It's creepy!

  • Please, I ** him 15+ years ago when we were kids.

  • Good for you, you sick **! Enough said!

  • I dont go to your room and pull your ** out of your mom, stfu.

  • No, but you should "pull your own ** out of; your mom, brother, sister and niece!"

  • Lol you're an immature child! Get off this adult website you fool and allocate your time to your education, that's more important!

    Lol and don't make assumptions you are, not everyone on the website has a ** and wants to ** their family members, with it!

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