I'm doing things with my step dad and I cry myself to sleep all n

Ok, when I was in 8th grade I was a cheerleader. I would wake up eary in the morning to get dressed, I would leave a crack in the door Bc I would assume everyone was sleeping. My mom and my step dad had a very young baby, so I assumed they were all sleeping. That was not the case. He would wake up early and video me getting dressed in my uniform. I was 12. I found this out by reading my mom's diary one night. Actually my friend found the diary and she read it first and she said you need to read this. So I said no, that's not my business, and she said, read it and read it now with a look of terror on her face. So I read it. I then called my nanny and her girlfriend Bc she was and still is my rock. So she told my mom to come over and we all three told her we knew about what happened. She chose to stay Bc my little brother was maybe 3 months old. At 19 I had an extremely horrible addiction problem, and the thing that saved me was my son. I had him at 27 and I got on subtext and I haven't had pain pills in almost 7 years. Now with that being said.... I also like Xanax, but I would never not get out of bed to go to work if I didn't have Xanax. But I did love still do love Xanax. I quit taking Xanax for about 2 years once I quit taking the pills then I would take them like once a month and then against my step dad would realize that I was flirty maybe always remember anything and there's so many times that I was so messed up like I fell asleep on the toilet that he had to pick me up and put me back in my room and I have no idea what he actually did to me at that point. But let me get to the point. Okay so he goes to the doctor and get a script of Xanax .5 milligram which is the footballs that I love, and now he is wanting favors for the pills and I'm too weak to not say no and it is killing me inside I cry myself to sleep every night because of this.


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  • Hot!! Can you give details of all the dirty things he makes you do???

  • Shut up

  • Just curious how far she will go for a few pills.

  • He's got to H***

  • ^^^^^ going

  • What favors does he want for the pills? You have to make a choice do you want to keep doing those things with him for pills or not. Get yourself in rehab, get clean , Xanax is widely abused , there are many places that have treatments for its addiction. Its all up to you you can continue to be his w**** for pills or get yourself clean , and move on with your life putting all this behind you.

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