I want to cheat on my girl to get another girl pregnant.

That I want to get a girl pregnant. I don't know this girl too well, but she is keen and we've spoken about it. The thought of getting a woman pregnant drives me crazy and makes me super h****. The thought of a random woman walking around with my seed inside her makes me feel good. I don't want to cheat on my girl however and I know it'd make me a massive piece of s***, but I've had these fantasies for so long now it is getting hard to ignore. I think I won't do it, but then I think about it and it just sparks something inside me that my woman currently doesn't. I don't even want to take care of this theoretical kid, I want nothing to do with her or the child after the act either. But my fetish for this act is super strong. And I'd knock up other girls if I could too, and it many ways I wish I was single so I could go on a insemination rampage.

Christ, what is wrong with me? This is so incompatible with modern society that I think I should be put to sleep.

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  • Become a sperm donor! Problem solved

  • Become a sperm donor. No s** involved. Go to a clinic and get paid to spill your seed, in a cup. This way, you aren't cheating on your partner, you're helping women have babies :)

    Your welcome

  • For petesakes slow down & cool it before the wheels come off. Relax, you're healthy & are experiencing what many healthy, sexually potent men do, myself included. You're uneducated is all. It appears as if you didn't comprehend the curriculum of modern sexual education. This is fundamental biology. Men are created with a need to spread their proverbial seed ; procreate. It is biological in order to maintain the species. Be grateful you are healthy to feel this way even emotionally. Don't kid yourself or be diverted by societal brainworshing. Currently your testosterone level is elevated which contributes toward your urges & needs to impregnate women. There is nothing wrong with you & modern society is certainly accustomed to a Man with your normal biological desires. That stated, at the same time it is commendable that you possess elevated moral standards that keep your resistance high from acting on these biological urges. Try to remember my admonition that like me, your urge to inseminate women may continue indefinitely. i.e. personally, while married I impregnated three [3] women while engaged in extramarital sexual relationships. As such, I never claimed to be a king of morality either. Obviously, as men we prefer coitus well over silly masturbation. As you were....

  • I'd let you get me pregnant. lol I want a baby but I'm single and nobody else will help me.

  • I willl

  • Does the offer still stands

  • I'm a married man who has been successful at richly inseminating at least 3 other women who all decided to have & keep my child as theirs!! I happily agreed to that with no strings or static. All I can figure is that it has to be my physical attraction. Anyhow, It's possible we could work something out toward getting you impregnated with my reliable, potent s**** honey.

  • Be a sperm donor at one of the fertility clinics in your state.

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