I hate my husband's son

Just a little warning, I don't appreciate any comments that hissing and dissing me or any other kind of offensive and cruel remarks. The basic is simple, if you have nothing nice to say don't need to say it at all..

I know I'm a tough girl. I have brave everything under the sun and challenges all my life. But I can't, In fact I think after years and his attitude towards me. It's safe to say I hate him.

I came to his life when he was 7. We bonded pretty quick and easy. We played a lot of games together. We watched tv together and I even sided on his side showing sympathize and all whenever my husband scolded him. We enjoyed each other company a lot and he was being all sweet on me giving hugs and saying "I love yous" and stuff. At that time I felt this kid intention was genuine and nice. Yes I did like him a lot. Of course there were minors things once a while he did that p***** me off like making a smartass comments bout my background, myself but I dismissed that as he was just being a kid

Then the nightmare came and everything started to went downhill after we moved to different states. My husband brought him basically every school breaks he got and he will stay full term till the breaks gone. It's taking a toll on my emotional health. Basically I'm taking a mom job such as cooking, laundry, cleaning up etc etc. he was 10 that time. Just like any mischievous 10 year olds he was hard to put up with. There were many times I cooked something and he refused to eat to even stoop crying at the dinner table because my husband forced him to eat mushroom ๐Ÿ™„. Yes I know 10 year old palate is very limited but I'm not cooking some weird food here. It's a very basic American dish steaks, stir fry beef, rice, potatoes etc which they all very delicious. He such a smartass when I'm vacuuming and cleaning he would come to me and tell me "hey you miss vacuuming this part here and you should do it over here". He also dint listen to me whenever I say something or telling him over the house rules. There were times when he played outside and even one time rolling himself on the grass and came inside plop straight to the couch and I told him to clean up himself first but he got mad and slammed his bedroom door in front of my face. I called up my husband at work since I can't take it but my husband was p***** off and told me to handle the situation myself. I felt even worse. He even opened my bedroom door while I was buck naked changing even though I told him 20 mins earlier if he needs anything he should knock my door not just barge in. It was accidental and him not paying attention to what I said but still he never apologize to me. But still I did spent some time with him, watching movies together, played Mario brother a lot, even stayed up with him accompanying him when he got nightmares or even well after my husband went to bed.

As years went by he started to become more and more difficult as he gets older. He still comes 6 months a year on a full school breaks circle. He started to made downgrading comments saying things like I'm ugly, dumb, my mom's ugly comparing between me and his mother. Ignoring simple things what being asked for him to like emptying his dirty dishes in kitchen sink into the dishwasher, put away his laundry, not eating in the living room but in the kitchen ( there was a time he ate in the living room and caused a permanent stain on our new furniture it made me upset and when I confront him he raise his voice denying his mistakes when clearly I told him many times not to do it nicely) he even would played video games well into midnight every day and night and yelling and screaming even stomping the wood floor that shake the whole house ignoring that we were sleeping in the other room even were told to slow down and many times disturbing me doing my work. Because of the old systems pipes in our house there were many times he overflowed the bathroom toilet and woke me up at 2 to clean up his p***. So I put up a sign in front of the toilet and even told him every time to only flush toilet at certain times. But then he took it to the next level. He never flush the toilet. So there were always p*** and p*** floating around whenever I'm using them. I started to feel he was just out to p*** me when each time I'm using the toilet the p*** always there and would use the toilet showering at 4 in the morning and hold it up for as long as he can when I knocked many times ( yes embarrassingly I peed in my pants once as I had waited 25 mins too long) we only have 1 bathroom in the house. He also would be nosey to get into me and husband little arguments and cheer on my husband side. Even made me felt like I'm a maid expecting his dinner to be cooked and served just as I walked 5 mins into the house after a long hard day. Many times I just washed his dirty dishes after I told him to do it himself but after a while I gets tired and told him off but he went to my husband expecting my husband to sided with him and told me off what the h***??!!! But my husband just played dumb. Going out with him wasn't fine either...it was painful to sit on the dinner table with all 3 of us. There was time he changed his seat sitting next to my husband instead of me and hurt me a lot and each time my husband and trying to have conversation he would butt in and trying to conquer the conversation and taking over if not he would show attitude like a 5 year old cause "daddy doesn't want to talk to me, daddy doesn't love" ๐Ÿ™„. At the end I gave up to even go out or even have conversation at restaurant. For all the things he done to me I still put up with him. Clean up after him, cooks etc etc , I never once bad mouthed his mom eventhough she and her whole side of family are train wrecks. I dint even know how I was so tough and brace to put up with this kid that time who obviously made my life miserable.

Then we moved back to my husband's home state and he comes twice a month now on weekends. When we first moved back, we went to a theme park together and as we were walking around this kid wanted a sunglasses but my husband refused to buy so I bought it for him. But he lost it less than an hour later and it hurt me thinking he purposely did that. He even felt uncomfortable sitting next to me when my husband wasn't around. I could feel he kept moving, fidgeting as if I'm a disease to avoid while his gazed stuck on my husband steps away wondering when he's gonna come over and sit with us. I left crying buckets talking to my mother that night. I'm a nice person even how many times his son disrespects and treated me badly. Each time he's a little bit nicer I thought he's changed boy was I wrong. My nice gestures and good intentions were all been slapped nothing but vicious poison.

My husband doesn't care. He thinks his son is still a kid and all kid does that and I just being insensitive. We always end up fighting each time I brought up issues bout his son. So I get tired and stop fighting and caring.

Now I just do my own thing whenever he's around. I just don't even want be around his son anymore nor I want to hear his voice. Recently he came over and without me knowing he ate the ice cream I bought the night before the whole f****** container without even leaving a tiny specks for me. That's f****** ridiculous. How on earth a 15 year old finished a whole f****** container of ice cream in one and half day??!!! Not even saying it or even asking for permission when it's not even his and had it all to himself??!!! That's sick. I was mad and my husband just dismissing it as he just "a kid" that not even considering he's taking over the living room with his dumb games when he has a tv to play that dumb games in his room. Whenever his son around they both would get glued to the tv in the living room day and night. Whatever. That his son and he wanna spend time with him I understand that.

I had it. I knew right away I should stop being around his son when my husband making ignorant and offensive comment about my mother. All these times I put up with his kid eventhough he's out to get me and hated me. God I tried. I have no problem liking or love other kids as long they are nice to me but this one is a different league. I did my job as a step parent. Bonded, interact, nice and sweet but I wasn't appreciated even in my husband's eyes. He thinks I hate his son. Yes I hate his son. I have a deep resentment and hatred with his spawn. While I did and tried hard to bond and nice with all my husband's family including his s***** son but my husband has no care in the world bout my family nor he ever wanted to talk to them. Coupled with the fact I can't have kid. It's a painful truth I have to face my life. While not being able to have a child of my own is another battle I have to face and it takes a lot of time and $$$$ to adopt and any kind of treatment. That is something I have to deal with, the pain and grieve. No one understands. It like a ice cold truth and cruel jokes that I who would like a baby of my own but other people so easily and effortlessly have babies shooting out non stop and these kids are ruthless and it's a reminder just like my husband's son. Urrghhh.....people are mean. They like to think they are smart and tell other people what's wrong and what's right. I been to many step parents group and some of them are cruel saying things that hurt my feelings.

I don't have much support group. The only was my mother. I have friends but none of them understand. I'm building my career and wanna work hard so one day I could have my own life. Sigh....

Jan 8, 2017

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  • Greetings- I just came across your post and your story is my story. Although it appears this was written some years ago, if youโ€™re still in the same situation and need to vent, etc., you can vent to me. I was you, probably about 18 years ago - and while I thought it would be better once he moved out, had his own life, etc. - ITโ€™s NOT, and it still causes unnecessary conflict! So again, I wholeheartedly understand you posting/confession.

  • So go bash out your own textwall, and be sure to trowel on lots of defensive unnecessary hissing at the outset so that no one bothers to read the rest of it.

  • You can always tell when a confession is written by a teenage girl who thinks she's smart and tough. It is ALWAYS begun with some "dire" warning about not being mean and nasty, because you might hurt Little Riot Grrl's feelings. Guess you're not as tough as you think, princess :) Don't worry, I didn't bother reading your novel much past the standard "me no like haters grrr" part.

  • That's implied everywhere now. Emotionally fragile people love to screech about "negativity" and being seen flouncing every time their precious feelings aren't validated as hard as they want.

  • You "don't appreciate"? Really? You "don't appreciate"???!? You "don't appreciate". Well, aren't you just m************ precious. What makes you think anybody here gives a rabid ratty roach-infested F*** what you do or don't "appreciate"???!? I have no idea what your post was about, because I never got past the sixth and seventh words, telling me how I should react. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, dear. You're going to need it.

  • Shut the f*** up....you sound like an a******...get the f*** out of here with this bullshit.

  • Suck it up, c.unt! This is how the world works beyond your little bubble. Accept it or die even more bitter than you already are.

  • Youre the parent sell his s*** he can have fun playing with sticks and if that doesnt work he can eat 80 percent broccoli its better for you anyway lol if he makes fun of you make fun of him back hes a dumb as f*** little s***

  • You are a far better woman than I am, because I would have been gone years ago, if I had to deal with the s*** you have put up with for all these years. You do not deserve this and should be searching for the nearest exit out of this marriage since your husband refuses to put his foot down to his son.


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