My boyfriends dad

I have a really big crush on my boyfriends dad, I love my boyfriend and everything I have for his dad is pure l*** but oh my god. I get so jealous when he's with his wife and I feel so bad! He always tries to talk to me but I get so embarrassed and I just nod or smile! Then he looks really sad and asks if hes bothering me, and I say no but god. I have so many sexy dreams about him and he calls me cute a lot and I go so red! Sometimes I think he kinda likes me too...fml. Of course I would never cheat but ugh. Anyways to get over a crush?

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  • You and the commentators here are scumbags. I only wish you would all drop dead right now.

  • He just wants you to like him.

  • You should give him a B L O W job. Then kill yourself.

  • I agree with those here who recommend that you share your feelings with the man. Being honest may cost you a relationship, but it might also bring one to you that is the one you truly want and need and love. Go after him. See if he feels the same as you do. Best wishes!

  • Just because you can't control your emotions, doesn't mean you have to treat your bf's father differently! He might think he's offended you or hurt your feelings within some way, if you keep acting,"like a lovelorn child around him!"

    It's not his fault you have a crush on him! Be honest or don't go round to your bf's home, where you might bump into his father

  • Do nothing!

  • Young love. Take it from an old man. Enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of youth. Take risks. Take the positive from everything. Realise that you acn be hurt and you can hurt others (hopefully unintentionally).

    Think though if you tell him. What happens if he is weak and does something to you. Will you ruin him but reporting him as a child molester or something.

    On the other hand, I got sent a facebook message from a young guy who was talking with a young girl I know. He said that she had a crush on me and that he reckoned she'd be up for doing something with me. Now I'm old and wise enough to not let anything happen but gee the message was good for my ego.

  • Tell him how you feel. There's a risk, of course, but if you want him, it's worth the risk involved. He may feel precisely the same, and just is afraid of offending you or whatever. Go for it!

  • He's married and she's in a relationship with his son! Man, you type of people have no loyalties and morals!

  • .... i agree . . . try him on and see what he does............

  • He's not a pair of shoes

  • Fool

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