Crush on my teacher

Hello everyone. I fell really ashamed to post that because i know its bad. So, i think i have a crush on my physics teacher, and a huge one actually. I miss him badly during the holidays and i find him pretty attractive (he's in his 30s). Hes always joking around with me, he once told me i was pretty, he treats me like a person of his age. I mean he talks to me with words teachers dont use with their students, and hes been playing with me for one year and a half. When im in his class, hes constantly looking at me and smiling at me. He told me i was mature, and you know, hes doing that seductive thing boys do with girls, joking with them, making fun of them but always in a kind way. Everyone at school tells me that he must have a crush on me, because he acts really weird with me. I have never told anyone i like him because obviously i feel like a basic teenage girl who has a crush on her teacher. I dont know what to do, and i need help

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  • Try and forget him cause when ur 30 he'll be like 50 , anyway what am sayin is stick to the guys ur own age cause u don't wonna be with an old guy do u ?

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