I want to see my wife kiss another guy! Is that bad

So the other night me and my wife where going at it. We just got back from a out on the town with friends and drinks and enjoyed the time since never really get to much anymore with kids work and life. We called for a uber I was little more tipsy then her. I got in the front and she was in the back seat. I was not real talkative. She and him talked the whole way and I know he wanted her. It was all innocent but when we got home went up stairs s** was intense and I was feeling brave I told her the guy wanted you and that I want her to kiss another guy. I think she was shocked but turned on. The next day she asked me where you drunk or do you really want me to be with another guy. I avoided the question. The next day she text me so I found a guy that I have been scooping out that I can make out with. I said oh yea. I left it that didn't text back for a hour her also then I said so who is he? She then says are you serious! Like if she was mad. Then we talk about it for awhile I ask did you really find a guy? She says no I am faithful it's so disgusting. I say I am not mad if you wanted to. I was turned on that she might have found a guy. Then says well it's been 8 years since kissed another guy might be a good change no offense but saying it in smart ass way. Then says make ad on craigslist find a guy then goes back to why would I want that. I am confused. Last night having s** and I say so is my fantasy bad that I want to see a guy with you she gets all mad and we stop. I am lost does she or not? Do I keep trying or not try. I don't want her to have s** just kiss and touch with a guy.

Jan 17, 2017

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  • Get her drunk and have a couple of n****** f*** the s*** out her, you'll love it and don't forget to get some pids.

  • I will kiss her c***

  • No it is not. I think many of us guys go through this. I have often fantasized about my wife cheating, one nighter etc... in graphic detail

  • Talk to her about it;tell her you'll be there watching to make sure nothing gets out of control;find someone with a bigger c*** so she gets maximum enjoyment plus all her fantasies fulfilled as much as yours will be(believe me it's awesome to watch it happen) younger guys are best as they have bundles of energy and stamina to fully satisfy and pleasure her p**** completely

  • Most defiantly it will lead further than a kiss,maybe not the first time but either you or her will want to take it further and be more risqué;once you see her on her knees taking a strangers c*** in her mouth your own c*** will be bigger and harder than ever and if he fires off down her throat you will be urging them on and once he leaves you'll f*** her harder than ever before and then it's the big decision on watcher her being f***** by a stranger with a huge c***,this is pure lustfulness on both of you and if you enjoy it pure filth for you both

  • I did this early on in my relationship as I knew my partner had not had good past sexual encounters and a rotten first husband,she never experienced o***** until she met me and she was 37 then,so I coaxed her into snogging guys and girls to start with when we were away on holidays and talked about how it made her feel afterwards,it evolved to feeling each other up and then fingers in p**** and masturbating the c****;finally she had one on one with a naughty Asian girl,she came so quick and violently so many times but said afterwards she herself did not like eating p****,so we went on to her fantasy of young boys with big c**** and she finally had her time with a pool and beach lifeguard in Crete as I sat in the dark corner of our room watching,since then we or she does this once or twice a year and it's such a turn on for me seeing her take 8-9-10" of young hard c*** and hearing her whimper and squeal as she's taken nice and deep,

  • She will f*** him

  • Agreed, she's not going to stop at kissing so you better be sure you're OK with her f****** him.

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