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I am a married man with a sometimes understanding wife. I confessed to her that I wanted to try being with a guy. We did it together and now our love life is almost nonexistent. It's ironic that I want to suck a guy but can't kiss one. I want to have a*** too, but my wife is so freaked out that it will never happen.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i\\\\'m not riding the denial train, and there\\\\'s nothing wrong with liking both genders for s**. I know i\\\\'m bi. and suicide isn\\\\'t even remotely in my thoughts. that\\\\'s a cowards way out. waaa, waaa, waaa, i can\\\\'t take it any more, waa, waa, waa. i hope you choke on your words the next time you talk about suicide

  • i'm not riding the denial train, and there's nothing wrong with liking both genders for s**. I know i'm bi. and suicide isn't even remotely in my thoughts. that's a cowards way out. waaa, waaa, waaa, i can't take it any more, waa, waa, waa. i hope you choke on your words the next time you talk about suicide


  • You are riding the denial train, you are bi at least, no way you couldn't be.

  • she doesn't feel like she's enough for you anymore...when that happens 1 of 2 things occurs, either she tries to make it up to you or she feels so horrible for not making you happy she can't bare the thought of having s** with you and knows you don't want to be with her when you are having s**.

  • Thanks for the comments, but to set the record straight, I am not gay. I love women's bodies way too much for that. Their looks, their bodies, nipples, p****, I couldn't live without that.

  • "My Secret" OP: I do sympathize. All I ever wanted was that special thrill, and it annoyed me that I couldn't bring myself to ask my wife for it. I'd rather not go out someplace to get ass-f*****, since I do love my wife. So I'm going to bring it up. (Ha! That's funny.)

  • I'm bisexual and have the same issue, except my marriage is fine. I could NEVER kiss a guy with a beard. Just no.

    But.. I could suck a d*** and love it. I think it can be a number of things. First of all, p***. Its mostly about a guy actor who works in the industry for awhile. So you get to know his d***. The girls change all the time as the younger ones push the older ones out. But p*** secretly starts the path to liking p**** because its always about the p**** doing the work. You can't help it. The more you are exposed, the more you think looking at some guys d*** is fine. I mean, if you were truly hetro, you'd only watch lez p***. (Except I find it boring.)

    Shortly its about the d*** and what the next girl it'll destroy. Eventually it'll become a c*** fetish. You don't like the guy, but a d*** in action is great! You get satisfaction from seeing a d*** sucked, so there is a connection made in the mind that d*** = pleasure.

    I think there has been an explosion of tranny p*** on the net recently. It kind of lets a guy get what he wants... in some kinky way. T***, d***, and a***. Aanal seems to be much more popular too.)

    For me, I just have a c*** fetish. I'm facinated by them. I think its because I found mine to give me pleasure early in life, and the idea of 'sexuality' was foreign. D*** = pleasure. And there we are.

  • Ironic as it may be your wanting to suck a guy but not being able to kiss him,is more common than you think..Apparently it's quite typical of all married men that are unable to accept their true sexual orientation.Honey,it's time you faced the music!You are gay!Do your wife and yourself a favour and move on.You are way over the "bicurious" stage..Find a nice guy and have all the a*** s** you want.There's nothing wrong with it!

  • She feels humiliated and embarrassed by u!

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