The other weekend I stayed at my sister and brother in laws, after everyone went to bed I brushed my teeth and went to go upstairs to get a glass of water, I got to the top of the stairs and their bedroom door was open, just as I got to the top step my brother in law walked past the bedroom door naked, I stopped and turned around deciding I didn't need a glass of water LOL.
I walked down a couple steps and looked back and he was standing beside the bed talking to my sister, Whoa, He has a big c***, He was only about half hard and don't want to know why but even so he is easily way bigger than any guy I have been with, He didn't notice me thank god or I would have died of embarrassment but he stood there with me kind of straight to the side from him for a minute or so then turned and went into the walk in closet, I snuck back downstairs and went to bed.
I have really never thought about his package but was totally surprised, I figured he would be big but that was beyond.

Jan 23, 2017

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  • Did you rub one out that night thinking about his big c***?

  • Yeah, Of course, Until the sun came up and even dp'd myself pretending there were two of him.
    You are a loser, Get a life.

  • I'm the loser? Lol you're the one checking out your sisters husbands c***. So either you're a c*** or a s***, either way I bet your sister would be p***** if she knew. So that actually makes you the loser. Maybe you should get a life, and your own man.

  • Precisely. The only large problem here is that she is a pervert & creepy to boot. Few men want to deal with her excess baggage so she'll remain a old maid.

  • Haha, So not true, I told her what had happened and that I accidentally seen her husbands package, She laughed and appologized for not closing the door.
    Not a big deal if you are not a loser who is probably a 45 year old fat guy sitting around jerking his little weiner to my experience which for most people would not be a big deal.

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