Can't stop thinking about what i seen

I'm 20 and moved out 2 years ago but my 22 year old brother is still at home living with mum,its strange how they are together and told them they act like a couple and now lockdown is lifted i paid them a surprise visit,I let myself in and straight away i could hear thumping and banging sounds coming from upstairs,I followed the sound and her screaming f*** me that's it harder to my mum's bedroom and gently pushed the door open and witnessed her and my brother f****** in bed, surprised the bed didn't break with him giving her seeing to,I sneaked out without them knowing i came and know can't stop thinking about what i seen.

Jul 21, 2020

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  • Lucky lad !
    When I was 19 I so wanted to f*** my mum who was 51 but had to make do with spying on her undressing to see her naked while sniffing her dirty knickers and wanking as I watched.
    I was fascinated by my mum's hairy f****, her 34B t*** and her personal odour.
    I collected my mun's long brown curly pubes too.
    Mum knew I sniffed her knickers as she caught me one day wanking with her knickers round my face.
    Mum just snatched her knickers from my hand and left.saying
    " At least next time close your bedroom door !" .
    Your post got me hard thinking about it !
    I now imagine every female I see naked

  • Did watching your mum get f***** by him get you wet.

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