Naughty housewife

I quite enjoy having s** with multiple men at the same time. The most I've had is 2, but want to have 6 or 7, with my hubby tied up in the corner, watching me please all these men. My husband has no idea about any of this, including me being with 2 men (while he was at work). How do I make this happen?

Jan 25, 2017

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  • My husband knows his friend's wife is sexually attacked to me. I always felt like my husband was trying to share me with her but scared about telling me. We were having hot and steamy s** one night, when he told me he had been talking to her husband about watching us having s**. I was stunned, but somehow secretly aroused by it. I guess my arousal showed on my face and he just told me he'd arrange it. I remember we had our usual Saturday night get together when his friend's wife grabbed my b****** in the kitchen with her hand down the front of my panties. She was completely naked shoving two fingers in my p**** asking me if I liked it. I remember we both walked out naked and had oral s** in front of our husbands watching us sitting on the sofa naked stroking the d****. I had never felt so aroused and h**** in my life. I remember my husband f****** her doggie style while she sucked my p**** with my leggs in the air with her husband d*** in my mouth. It was we slutiest thing I had ever done and so h**** I couldn't stop c******. I remember feeling dirty and guilty the next mourning, but after a few days I couldn't wait for the next saturday.

  • I once a*** f***** my husband with my vibrator and he couldn't pretend not enjoying it. He was so embarrassed when I bent him over, greased his butt and pushed it up his butt and turned it high. I just had to stroke his d*** a few times to make him c**. I had never seen him c** so much. He was kind embarrassed about doing gay stuff but the next day came home from work with black strap on.

  • My husband likes to video tape me mastubating myself with a vibrator. One day I came home and found him warching the the video with his best friend. i was so embarrassed because the tape had other dirty things he made me do. When he left my husband told me his friend got a h****** watching it and told me wanted to share me. I was horrified but also aroused about being a s*** and plesured by two men.

  • I'm married but my husband likes to share me with his best friend. When he asked me I told I wanted both in bed with me. We now spend the weekends having steamy threesomes and I love getting corned hole and f***** at the same time. S** has nothing to do with love.

  • I got into this with my husband, I f***** two of his friends but that made things strained when when all met as family and their wives were there.
    We went to Spain on holiday and I had s** with six men as he watched. Ten days of being f***** by groups of men and another woman was heavenly. Strangers are the way forward

  • My Mrs will only go with strangers too so there's no attachment trouble afterwards,at 52 she only wants young guys too that are well endowed;as I'm 7"+ good thickness she sees no reason to go with anybody under 8" either,I have to be there watching too as it makes her more comfortable during the s**(safe she says) I did try to talk her into taking my best mate he is only 40 and a body builder which she likes(muscle men) and I know for a fact he has a huge c***(don't ask how I know lol) but she says it would cause problems in the long run;I do find it a huge turn-on tho watching and listening as her tiny body gets taken by these young fit n hung guys;getting close up and seeing her p**** stretched to the limit as they pound her hard and deep;whimpering and squealing as she rocks to lots of quick little o****** until finally the big one smashes her whole being and she collapses exhausted,once they leave the hotel room I go and eat her p****,concentrating on her enlarged and well f***** c*** until she bucks and shudders for me,sometimes I f*** her but mostly I w*** and shoot over her f***** p**** or tiny t***

  • Depends how choosy you are - you can place an online ad and easily get men volunteering

  • For starters, I would stop f****** around on him. Next you need to be up front and honest with him. You never know, maybe his fantasy is to watch you f*** other men.

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