Attracted to M&P

I am extremely attracted to men in the military and police. It's not only the uniform, but the man underneath. I have great respect for the men who serve and protect our country and yes, a huge turn on.

Jun 18, 2014

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  • I'm dating my former teacher who is now a police officer.

  • Yes they work everyday just like everyone else. How many people do you know, lets say that work in a recreation center, are worried that today might be their last day. Their level of danger is much greater than any other job and you should be so proud that someone is willing to risk their life for you, a complete stranger.

  • It's just a job like any other. I hate how police officers/military personnel are worshipped so much. I respect them equally among all other people who are just doing their jobs, tired at the end of the day just like me. I see them as equals, not superiors.

  • I had many women like this. Everyone on the internet is 6-4, I am 6-4 in real life. I wore a black uniform and have dark hair and blue eyes. I had many offers and took a few up on it. One who ask I just unzip and leave my uniform on. I did her on the hood of her car. Found out later she was the wife of a councilman.

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